Wappler 2.6.5 Released

Wappler 2.6.5 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

This week we have many new components for you! To feel to full power of App Connect Flow and it’s usage, we have added special Bootbox actions! Bootbox actions allows you to display great looking Bootstrap 4 styled dialogs on your page to confirm or prompt the user for various input.
Based on their input you can execute different actions in your flow.

See the available Flow usage tutorials for

Also we have greatly updated Server Connect and it’s Data Picker! Now more complex nested data is displayed much logical just as it is produced by the various steps.
Also nested data even in arrays is now displayed so you can pick it.

Further more we have updated the Security Provider to support strong hashed passwords with the new Argon2 support.
Read the tutorial about Using Argon2 Secure Hashes

Last but not least we have extended our Bootstrap 4 support with Toasts! A new App Connect extension to that allows you quickly and easy to create Bootstrap 4 styled Toasts.
See Using Bootstrap 4 Toasts

NEW: App Connect Flow Bootbox extension!

  • Create great looking Bootstrap 4 styled user dialogs within your flow!
  • Choose from custom Alert, Confirm or Prompt Dialogs with many styling options and localized buttons!
  • Choose from many different input types in the Prompt dialog for rich user experience
  • Use custom button labels and color options for all dialogs

NEW: Bootstrap 4 Toasts extension

  • A new App Connect component that allows you to create nice Bootstrap 4 Toasts
  • Allow full control with Actions for Show and Clear all
  • Rich properties for the Show action allowing to you customize to toast.
  • Special App Connect Flow actions available for Bootstrap 4 Toasts: Show, Clean and Setup

App Connect

  • Added extra option to the form submit action to submit directly and not trigger submit event
  • Improved Dynamic Attributes and events setting in the property panel

Server Connect

  • Greatly improved the data bindings in Server Connect.
    • Now you can pick data from inside repeat regions, an array index of 0 is automatically added
    • Repeat regions output data is extended with the nested variables
    • Data picker dialog automatically selects the current expression
  • Added extra option to the server connect form submit action to submit directly and not trigger submit event

Security Provider 2.1.0

  • Added new option for the Database based Security Provider to use password verify with hash. Very useful if you are storing your user password as hashes that are strongly encrypted with the new hash formatters with algorithms like Argon2i and Argon2id

Database Connector and Updater

  • Improved auto generation of input fields when used in the Database Updater with multiple insert/update
  • Improved handling of dates/times in databases in PHP

Git Manager

  • Improved selection of the to be committed files
  • Updated Git Core (nodegit) to the latest version


  • Deliver also source maps files for Bootstrap 4 and other extensions in the Wappler installation
  • Added missing ShiftShader to installer to support older GPU’s on Windows
  • Fixed startup crash on some older Windows 7 PC’s