Wappler 2.5.4 Released

Wappler 2.5.4 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

This week we have lots of improvements and bug fixes for you as reported in our community.
To give you a heads up in a new component that we have been developing, we have now included the App Connect Data Store component!
This brand new App Connect component will allow you to edit and store local data in a simple local storage driven database. So you can store those shopping carts data much more easily!

Design View

  • Improved inline text editing and its accessibility - specially when editing buttons
  • Improved rendering of placeholders and text only containers

App Connect

  • Improve Data and Actions Picker - do not remember previous searches
  • Improved support for new dynamic expressions that are entered with back tics and need to be evaluated later.

App Connect Data Store

  • New App Connect Data Store component for creating local browser storage tables.

App Connect Formatters

  • Fixed the SUM formatter to work with the latest App Connect improvements

App Connect Charts

  • Updated to latest ChartJS for better IE compatibility

Server Connect

  • Improve the server connect chooser dialog with search as well
  • Make server connect chooser as inline popup in Wappler

Monaco Code Editor

  • Improved Monaco html language parser and highlighting
  • Improved editor switching

Database Connector

  • Improved handling of renamed and missing database table columns

Style Editor

  • Minor improvements and fixes
  • Ignore data uri for sourcemaps

Global Search & Replace

  • Don’t search on empty string
  • Allow replace without search first

Docker Manager

  • Alert for missing Docker Machine and how to install it, because it is no longer included with Docker Desktop

Git Manager

  • Small improvement in gitManager for when there are no commits


  • Improved Wappler context popups positioning

Wappler 2.5.4 Released

A few bug fixes in between to address some urgent issues, but also add some cool minor improvements.


  • Fixed data pickers dialog when used on database actions
  • Fixed toKeyedObject formatter


  • Added search possibilities also in the Server Connect Data Picker
  • Improved App Connect expression parsing and error reporting on invalid expressions
  • Close Data pickers dialogs on Escape key
  • Improved focus management for popups
  • Added clear action to the App COnnect Data Store component
  • Improved the Design View inline text editing even more. Now also the dynamic Data picker inside.