Wappler 2.5.1 Released

Wappler 2.5.1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

Don’t get fooled about the minor version number Wappler 2.5.1 is actually a huge architectural update!
We have updated the underlying Chrome core to the latest and introduced huge performance improvements!

Specially the File Manager has been greatly optimized to be able to handle projects with many files and lots of changes.

And last but now least - based on your requests, we have also updated the Data and Actions Picker dialogs in App COnnect to include smart quick search so you can find the properties you need much faster!

Also we have greatly updated the Mobile Apps building with Cordova and Framework7 integration.

File Manager

  • Greatly improved performance, synchronization and file changes watching. Specially on the MacOS by using a native module.
  • Greatly optimize File Manager performance on MacOS, specially on projects with many files, like mobile projects. We use now native modules for watching file and folder changes

Routing Manager

  • Improved support for all of the different types of Framework 7 routing
  • Auto add Framework 7 stacked pages to routing, on save, if they have a path attribute
  • Support for nested page routing in Framework 7. Picker now adds full path
  • Improved Framework 7 Routing - now allow changing page routing from nested to absolute by just changing the path

Framework 7

  • Add path option to page inspector, so that a page route path can be entered directly for auto generation on save.
  • Add Head Page choice to the content pages in Framework 7, so that a head page for the includes can be specified,
  • Fixed the unclosed class name with navbar children
  • Specify App File in project options, to allow customizable app.js file for Framework7
  • Auto include Routes File and App File on new pages with Framework7
  • Only copy new routing.js and app.js if they don’t exists in the current project
  • Note: the Framework7 app.js files in now placed per default in /js/app.js and no longer under the /Framework7 folder, to allow easier customization and updates. So you might want to check on existing Framework7 apps that the right one is included.
  • Always enable routing and have per default no routes, initially

Cordova & Mobile Apps

  • Greatly improved Cordova publishing toolbar. Now with clear animations of the actions being performed.
  • Improved Mobile Project Options
  • Optimize loading of Mobile publishing toolbar
  • Fix paths for the new Android Emulator
  • Remove the Java JDK installation requirement for Android development! Now uses the already included JDK with Android Studio
  • Remove the Git installation requirement as we already have our native git implementation build in and it is no longer needed for Cordova

App Connect

  • Add quick search, expand and collapse all options to the Data and Action Picker dialogs


  • Improved Wappler Auto Update procedure. Now you will see on the next update a nice download progress dialog during the download. Also an integrity check is now performed to validate the update before installation.
  • Optimized the Wappler installation image on the MacOS
  • Always Center the Wappler window on initial display
  • Remove git requirements on system check - we have now out own built-in git


  • Fixed the auto generation of meta tags with frameworks includes