Wappler 2.5.0 Released

Wappler 2.5.0 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

Wappler 2.5.0

A Very Happy New Year to you all! And to celebrate this awesome new year 2020, we have a great new major release for you!
We have included great new Bootstrap 4 updates, added huge amount of extension updates.

One amazing new improvement is the great speed performance improvements in adding frameworks and components.
This will give you in instant results and will also solve many existing problems that you have reported with include files.

Also we have now permanently enabled our Sentry error logging for everybody, so we will get all your errors automatically :slight_smile:

We have also extended App Connect Events with custom, event specific data! Now you can use specific event data with components like Google Maps - to see for example where it is clicked exactly

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 Blocks

  • Updated form blocks to have unique ids and logical names for inputs
  • Improved Bootstrap 4 Forms Block Template rules for better insertion
  • Added more blocks containing Google Maps
  • Added more blocks containing Modals

App Connect Bootswatch

  • Included the latest Bootstrap 4.4.1 themes

Database Connector and Updater:

  • with the new query switch type now always present
  • database schema fetching - sorting columns the right way in PHP
  • Database Custom Query now as separate extension
  • Added some specific database mappings for postgres (timestamp with time zone)

Server Connect

  • Update all ASP.NET components with the newest JSON parser and processor.
  • Add the correct column order for databases

App Connect

  • New support for Dynamic Event Data - the App Connect Components now can have events with custom data to pick from!
  • Added specific event data for all mouse and keyboard events

App Connect Data Formatter

  • Improved Date formatter

App Connect Data Traversal

  • Improved Data Detail

Google Maps

  • Added new dynamic event - Map Click - to allows you to execute an action when the user clicked on the map
  • Added support for dynamic event data picking for the new Map Click event


  • Included latest jQuery 3.4.1 as frameworks option
  • Rewrite of the insert components popup dialog
  • Improve all popup dialogs positioning and speed
  • Total rewrite of the Frameworks files and js and css files including! Now it is much more faster!

Sentry Bug tracking

  • Always use Sentry - not only in Experimental mode


  • Split View gains initially incorrect size
  • Fixed drag problems with the margin and paddings inspector