Wappler 2.3.4 Released

Wappler 2.3.4 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

This week we have many new improvements for the new Design View and Monaco Editor, specially when working with Content Pages.

For our designers we have also a preview of the upcoming new Borders control in the design panel. Now as experimental feature.
Also many new Bootstrap 4 Blocks are included to empower your design speed.

We have also greatly extended the Docker Machine Manager for fully managing the servers state and also preinstalling global services.

Last but not least the App Connect Data Formatter has been greatly improved to handle all kind of complicated expressions - now all visually!
And of course the many extension updates are included.


  • Greatly improved design view rendering on Macs with Retina Screen - now it uses less CPU than ever!
  • Improved Color Picker - the color text input is now editable, so copy and paste colors is possible directly in the color picker

New Design & Monaco Code View

  • Improved code tag highlights

Added html linter for full syntax check of html! Errors are now nicely reported in the code view errors expandable panel.

  • Improved the display of the App Structure panel and it’s size restore
  • Improved code formatting when inserting components
  • Greatly improved working with Content Pages
  • Auto add frameworks selected in project options also to Content Pages
  • New options and defaults for Monaco Editor to control selection highlight, decorators, indenting and folding controls
  • Auto close tag for Monaco Code Editor
  • Always use html mode as default for all code loaded with html editor
  • Set code formatting option wrap Line Length to 250

DOM Panel

  • Added search in dom panel

Design Panel

  • New experimental border control for design panel

Docker Machines Manager

  • Add support for installing local Hyper-V machine on Windows
  • Implement initial Services deploy in Docker Machines. Currently Portainer as choice
  • Added more commands to start, stop, restart and kill docker machines

App Connect Data Formatter 1.2.0

  • Greatly improved the App Connect Formatter for working with nested expressions
  • Implemented new Ternary Operation
  • Improved formatData formatter to be chainable with other date formatters after it

App Connect

  • Added compatibility with the new Formatter 1.2

Bootstrap 4

  • Fixed text Overflow options
  • Fixed Fontawesome position changing

Bootstrap 4 Blocks

  • Added Footers: Footer Menu, Footer Menu Columns 3,
  • Added Form Blocks: Forms Fullpage, Forms Fullpage Comment, Forms Login, Forms Login Block, Forms Login Square Image, Forms Settings, Form Left Image, Form Right Image

Server Connect

  • Fixed output of null values in PHP
  • Improved the while action in Server Connect for PHP and ASP to be more server compatible.
  • fixed parsing metadata of server actions with conditional step within with single action
  • fixed error in ASP involving the while loop

Database Connector

  • Added test option to single query
  • Allow database passwords to contain equal signs

App Connect Date Picker

  • Make sure name of hidden field is updated when having dynamic bindings (multi insert)

Framework 7

  • Improved selection with the new Design View and Monaco Editor
  • Added support for large titles in the Navbar component

Wappler 2.3.4

A small bug fix update in between for your convenience :slight_smile:

  • Fixed App Connect page properties detection
  • Fixed unsaved state after automatic framework inclusion
  • Improved adding and deleting frameworks in Content Pages
  • Improved design view placeholders for empty nodes
  • Improved placing of head includes - no more empty lines
  • Removed unnecessary collapse animation of the bottom panel on start