Wappler 2.3.2 Released

Wappler 2.3.2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

What a week! Two major features for you to preview!

Now we have added Docker Machines support for full automated live server deployments in the cloud!
Getting your web sites and apps has never been easier! Just a few clicks and you have a full blown server running with all the services like web server, database and more running!
See how easy is to Deploy a live server is seconds!

Also the new Monaco Editor is now fully enabled for all server side files as well! So server code like PHP is well preserved and managed.
That makes the Monaco Editor complete, so if you don’t find any problems with it, we will be moving it out of the experimental mode next week.

New Design & Monaco Code View

  • Enable the editor for all server side files
  • Handle all Server Side includes and Content pages
  • Improve integration with App COnnect
  • Improve and speed up the design view synchronization
  • Improve auto adding and management of frameworks
  • Add support for Security Provider and Enforcer specifically
  • Detect used components in content page and include the required js/css in design view
  • Improved App Connect detection in design view
  • Full Emmet support for Monaco Editor
  • Updated Monaco Editor with GraphQL support for syntax highlighting and mode
  • Improved code changes highlighting on the left bar of the Monaco Editor, is much faster and less cpu intensive now
  • Fixed Server Connect request where not working in design view - now it renders all fine :slight_smile:
  • Improved delete node (when node is alone on line it will remove the whole line)
  • Improved html attribute checkboxes from the property inspector to work with the new Monaco Editor


  • Improved Docker targets without database
  • Allow picking of existing Docker Machine as remote docker settings
  • Docker cert folder should be now within user home directory
  • Store docker cert folder as shortened user home folder path as ~
  • Improved auto generation of remote URL for Docker targets
  • Implemented extensive validation on the Remote ULR for all targets
  • Set default Web Server Port to 80 for remote docker targets
  • Auto adjust the Remote Url when selecting docker machines

Docker Machines Manager

  • Docker Machines usage and creation - now in experimental mode
  • Usage in targets - remote type - Docker Machine - manage
  • Add full Docker Machine creation and removal operations in the Docker Machines Manager
  • Improved droplet creation with Digital Ocean

File Manager

  • Only get git status on add/change events

App Connect

  • Use visibility hidden instead of display none to hide content on load, this makes sure that components that need to measure sizes work.
    That will greatly improve compatibility with other ready to go web templates
  • Recognize also input fields without type in the App Structure
  • Added placeholder to the dynamic properties for inputs

Server Connect

  • Added while action in Server Connect

App Connect Charts 1.1.0

  • Added possibilities for 20 datasets! Now you can create even more complex charts
  • Updated ChartJS to the latest version 2.9.1

App Connect Routing:

  • Improved client side routing for links without ending slash

Global Options

  • Set Word Based Suggestions options default to false