Wappler 2.2.7 Released

Wappler 2.2.7 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

More Docker power is available for you this week! We have awesome single click Database backup and range of terminals and shells directly at your disposal!
Also The Docker toolbar now has animated icons to indicate actions in progress! Managing Docker development environment has never been easier!
See the detailed guide Web Development with Docker Part 2

Next the Monaco Editor has received a nice updates on its context menu’s and command palettes as well key bindings.

Git Manager has also some great updates based on your feedback. Now you can more easily go back in time by resetting history or just get an old version by doing checkout.
Also you can now see easily the specific changes in any previous commit
See Git Powers - Going back in time

So go get the latest update now and provide us with feedback on the community forum.

Note: Next week we will be taking a small break, to recharge and get together with family and friends. So the next update will be the week after that.

Docker Support (Experimental feature)

  • Implemented full database backup in Docker ! Now you can easily save your structure and data and use it as initial on a full container rebuild
  • implemented different terminals for docker! Now you can easily switch terminal to local or the web or database server.
  • Added also SQL Shells for Docker - now you can quickly start up a dedicated Database SQL Shell and execute specific commands for the database
    See for SQL Shell for MySQL and MariaDB
    or for PostgresSQL
  • Added more checks for active terminals and switching between and also make clear the active terminal
  • Added animations on the docker toolbar button actions to indicate busy state
  • New Docker option to enable SQL Query Logging and place the logs at desired location
  • Activate output pane first on all docker actions
  • Detect docker service close and detach active terminals
  • Improved docker state handling with the terminals
  • Handle databases with space in the name
  • Copy Sample files only if they don’t exists yet

Monaco Code Editor

  • Improved linting in Monaco (new icons, list linting errors and warnings in panel)
  • Speed up all code linters by moving them in a worker (background process)
  • Improved code editor key bindings and global key handling
  • Remember undo/redo history of Monaco Editor even after Wappler restart
  • New possibility to change the language mode of the Monaco Editor. Just click on the mode below or use Ctrl+ K M
  • Improved file language detection
  • Updated Monaco Editor core to 0.18.1

Git Manager

  • Added option to remember git credentials (checked by default)
  • Updated git manager with checkout and reset for easier reverting to older versions
  • Give more information for reset/checkout and let users choose to keep/discard uncommitted changes
  • New context menu in the commit history list of files. Now you can choose to Show Changes of specific file in commit history or checkout it.
  • Added context menu for uncommitted changes

General UI

  • Improved rendering of icons on Wappler startup
  • Improved escape handling in fullscreen mode

Global Options

  • Improve cleaning of options like GitHub Access token

App Connect Dropzone

  • Cleanup validation errors on form reset

Database Connector:

  • Improve visible order to follow the database creation order of the database columns in Query Builder and other dialogs where database table fields are shown.