Wappler 2.2.2 Released

Wappler 2.2.2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

In this week update we have made a lot of improvements in the UI, Data Bindings Picker and have great surprise for you :slight_smile:

First you will notice directly that the Wappler file tabs have now fancy icons, just as in the File Manager.
The Data Bindings Picker, next to great speed improvements, is now also fully aware of SPA content pages and SSI include files.

We have implemented also a brand new code diffing tool for the Git Manager. Now you can see the exact code changes.
While you are peeking in the new code diffing tool - you will see something very interesting - a whole new code editor!

As an experimental feature, and also available as code editor only when you open JavaScript files, you will see the brand new code editor
that we will soon be implementing as standard in the whole Wappler! More editable file types are coming up!

Based on the industry standard Monaco Editor, baked by Microsoft and available in all their Visual Studio products, this powerful editor is now also in Wappler!
We will gradually be implementing it and replacing the older CodeMirror based editor that we had.

With Monaco we will be able offer you much more power that ever before in Wappler!
Unmatched light speed but also context sensible editing, smarter code generation and automatic refactoring. This is what you always wanted to have in Wappler!

Not a code savvy person? Don’t worry the editor will help you also with all the clean code generation in the background

So check it out and let us known what you think.

App Connect

  • Improved Data Bindings Picker to allow formatting of separate extensions with Data Formatter, when a template expressions is used. Now the separate expression parts are auto selected so they can be edited with the Data Formatters
  • Great update to the App Connect Data Picker to work with include files and SPA!
    Now when you work on a content page or include file, you will be able to see all the data bindings from the parent page as well!
    Also when you work on the main page you will see all the bindings from included pages or route content pages in SPA’s!
  • Added empty action to array component

New Monaco Code Editor

  • Brand new code editor, currently available only in diff mode (read only) and as experimental feature for editing JS files only.
  • Based on industry standard Monaco Editor, baked by Microsoft
  • Awesome features like minimap, code inspetion, declarations, inline help, smart autocomplete and so much! For for full list Monaco Code Editor Features
  • Amazing speed and ultra fast rendering

General UI

  • Greatly improved App Structure, Data Picker and Actions panels loading and rendering speed
  • Added tab icons for all files, just as in the File Manager

File Manager

  • Added content menu option to Show Changes, on files in Git that have changed since the last commit.
    This will invoke the new code diffing tool
  • Improved file watches and change detection for automatic refresh
  • Improved Target view for FTP and the latest Windows 10, 1903

Asset Manager

  • Added support for SVG files in the Assets Manager

Design View

  • Improved editing text from the property panel and display the changes in design view

Git Manager

  • Removed from Experimental also the Clone Git Repository option - now it is always available

Database Connector

  • Improved paged query for Postgres

But wait there is more!

Here are a few more bug fixes and improvements in Wappler 2.2.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed git commit lock screen bug
  • Fixed the name of the expires option in Security Provider
  • Improved dropzone validation

Monaco Code Editor

  • Added ctrl-shift-p shortcut for command panel (alternative for F1)
  • Use Monaco editor for all files except html, php, asp, aspx and css.
  • Allow to edit json in Monaco editor
  • Monaco editor also used on new opened js/json tabs with no url