Wappler 2.1.0 Released

Wappler 2.1.0 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

A brand new big update - Wappler 2.1! Now with the much anticipated Custom SQL Query Builder!
Now you can run very complex database queries, define parameters and see the results instantly!

We have also greatly improved the Desktop Apps building with many new options and instant run!
So building full blow Native Desktop Apps has never been easier!

Custom SQL Query Builder

Brand new Custom SQL Query Build is available, with:

  • Full database schema support - now displayed in a nice tree.
  • Code pane with SQL code highlight, tables and columns autocomplete
  • Drag & Drop from the columns tree to code view
  • Query parameters definition with types and test value
  • Automatic schema definition based on the results
  • Direct query execution with extensive, instant error reporting
  • Query Result grid with the live data
    For usage and more info, see Creating Custom SQL Queries

Mobile & Desktop App Development

  • Improved Cordova options in project settings
  • Added special Electron options
  • Show iOS and Android specific options only when those platforms are used
  • Added many Electron Project Options, like window size and options
  • Added Enable Rebuild and Debug toggles in the Cordova build toolbar to control debug, release and norebuild options
  • Added more Desktop App Window option in the Electron settings
  • Renamed Mobile to App Info in Project Options
  • Changed Blank and Mobile App Blank project defaults
  • Added App and Installer icons for Electron Desktop Apps
  • Updated Cordova to version 9
    For usage and more info, see Creating Desktop Apps

Design View

  • Added new Desktop View on the Design View next to iOS and Android view


  • Added Canonical, Robots and Favicons to the Meta Tags in the Page Properties
  • Check for saved page when selecting Server Actions

Extension Updates

Database Connector & Updater 2.1

  • Added support for Custom SQL Query Builder
  • Improved Test Connection with SSL and MySQL

App Connect 1.7.3

  • Improved support for IE 11 and form validation
  • Added updated dynamic events to checkboxes and radios

App Connect Animate CSS 2.1.1

  • Latest Animate CSS 3.7.2 library with support for reduced motion queries

App Connect Background Video 1.0.1

  • Improved auto play on iPhone
  • Added new Data Properties - Paused
  • Added Play, Pause and Toggle actions