Wappler 1.9.4 Released


What’s New

In this update we have a great Wappler Engine boost to the latest Chrome 72 for the fastest speed and rendering. The Design Panel is also greatly updated to include many improvements in the CSS inheritance Color Coding as well many Background image options.

Also we have squashed many bugs reported by the Wappler community

Note that this is a big internal update, so the first startup of Wappler might take a bit longer to complete because of the many updates that needs to be done. So don’t blame the loader it is all part of the plan :slight_smile:


  • Updated Design View and Wappler Engine to match latest Chrome 72
  • Greatly improved and streamlined layouts, panels and all picker icons

Design Panel

  • Extended Color Coding of inherited and overridden CSS values now even further!
  • Take also inline styles in account for CSS overriding
  • Added Flex Wrap and Align Content options
  • Greatly extended the background options - now with Size, Position, Repeat and Attach options
  • Improved design panel with rules that are not created (media queries and states)
  • Hide width/height on display inline
  • Added text-transform option to design panel
  • New icons for align and float
  • Added text-indent and letter-spacing


  • Improved panel now with better titles for Page Routes, prohibit editing of Page Routes as those should be only edit on the page itself.
  • Fixed updating page routes to the global routing on page save
  • Auto add the meta ac:route if missing but the page is included in the global routing
  • Open in Editor works now for global routing pages
  • Allow deselection (ctrl+click) of routes and clear inspector

Publishing Panel and Terminal

  • Updated the Terminal in the Publishing Panel to the latest release.
  • Improved resizing and refreshing of the terminal and publishing output

Bootstrap 4

  • Grouped Bootstrap 4 forms in vertical and horizontal in the insert elements menu

App Connect, Server Connect and DOM Tree

  • Optimize context menu popup in App Structure
  • Do not auto refresh App Structure just on tab switching
  • App Structure and DOM Tree - allow deselection (ctrl+click) of elements and also deselect in design view
  • Server Connect - action panel improvements
    • allow deselection (ctrl+click) of files and actions
    • clear properties pane when nothing is selected and also on projects switch

File Manager

  • Dramatically improve File Manager reading speed and made it less UI blocking

API Schema Editor

  • Improved Schema Editor to handle better Server Connect static values

Extension Updates

  • Updated API Connector PHP
  • Updated reCAPTCHA for better ASP.NET support
  • Latest Server API Updates


  • Toggle save menu items correctly when switching away from non-editable file, like image or pdf

closed #2

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #3

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #4