Wappler 1.9.3 Released


What’s New

Another great update for you as Wappler user! Design Panel is getting more and more great updates - now with color coding for Visualizing the CSS Inheritance!

Also for those wring CSS and JS code by hand, we have added the most used syntax checkers and industry standard StyleLint en ESLint - so you will never make any code mistakes again :slight_smile:

And of course many extensions were updated as usually and many bugs fixed that were reported by the great Wappler Community!

Design Panel

  • Awesome new color coding for Visualizing the CSS inheritance
  • Improve complex selector parsing
  • Correctly parse shorthand css properties
  • Merge shorthands for new generated CSS
  • Improved Design Panel Layout and styling
    • Added flex layout controls
    • Moved overflow to dimension
    • Moved float and clear to position
    • Moved layout group to top

Styles Panel

  • Improved display of compiled CSS files with Source Maps
  • useragent stylesheet was missing the text-align style

Code View

  • Implemented Stylelint for CSS code linting - A mighty, modern linter that helps you avoid errors and enforce conventions in your styles.
  • Implemented ESlint for full JavaScript ES6 linting and syntax check
  • Focus codeview after tab change

Design View - Hot reloading

  • Improved related files watchers to better handle non existing files or links starting with //
  • Also watch now only specifically css files and script includes


  • Updated common node modules to the latest versions
  • Improved Save All to now correctly determinate all include paths - also for background tabs
  • Improved files loading to minimize UI blocking
  • Project Option Links relative to is now enforced on page change and also on new creation
  • Fixed routing path when no targets are defined

Extension Updates

  • Updated FontAwesome 5 to the latest version 5.7.2 for both Free and Pro
  • Bootswatch 4.3.1 - Included the latest Bootstrap 4.3.1 themes
  • Added latest Bootstrap 4 extensions
  • Server Data Formatter - Improved input validation and the Operation action
  • Improved App Connect Data Fomatter UI texts
  • Improved Security Provider UI texts
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