Wappler 1.9.2 Released


What’s New

Great new features this week! Design Panel finalized, now with awesome classes selector and custom user style file.
Design View getting super smart with hot reloading - keeps track of all used assets and auto reloads them!
And last but not least great Bootstrap 4 updates, like responsive design controls, together with the latest Bootstrap 4.3.1 version.

Design Panel

  • Implemented fully design panel with Classes selector. Now you can fully define your own styles in classes and reuse them
  • Existing custom classes can be found with smart fuzzy search
  • Allow keyboard navigation in Class Selector
  • Added project option for style file for both Web and Mobile projects
  • See detailed tutorial about Using the Design Panel

Design View

  • Implemented Hot Reloading of Design View! When used css, js is changed external, like when you edit it in another tab or editor, design view reloads it automatically!
  • Design panel also uses the hot reloading to show instantly its Style file changes on all open pages that use it
  • Implement also hot reloading for Server Side Include files

Insert Elements Panel

  • Horizontal scroll in context menu with mouse wheel

Bootstrap 4

  • Updated Bootstrap 4 to version 4.3.1

    • New: Added Stretched Link to make any anchor the size of it’s nearest position: relative parent, perfect for entirely clickable cards!
    • New: Added Text Break utility for applying word-break: break-word
    • New: Added Rounded Sizes for small and large border-radius.
    • New: Added Modal Scrollable modifier class for scrolling content within a modal.
    • New: Added responsive Horizontal list groups for displaying list groups as a horizontal row.
  • added device icons for Bootstrap 4 responsive property groups

  • Improved Bootstrap 4 Properties order, spacing now above border

  • Improved advanced toggles positioning

  • Improve schema dialog loading

  • Improved Bootstrap 4 rules

  • Navigations - improved the Navbar expand option with new responsive layout

  • Cards

    • added flex, appearance and spacing options to card groups and decks
    • added spacing options to card, header and footer

Extensions Updates

  • API : Added possibility for dynamic urls for API Data Source, API Action adn API Form
  • Google Maps: Google maps marker images where linked with http instead of https
  • Swiper: Refresh optimizations


  • fixed detection of APP ID on Framework7 Content Pages
made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #2
closed #3
removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #4