Wappler 1.9.0 Released


What’s New

Boy what a release! So many new things for you to discover! Finally the long anticipated Routing has been implemented! Now you can do all those fancy SEO friendly urls for your web site! Also native routing for Framework7 for mobile apps has been implemented. You can fully visually define your routes and the right configurations for your web server will be automatically generated!

Also we have great new improvements to the elements and icons pickers - as you requested! Now you can switch easily between icons or list view.

New Routing

  • Implemented new routing component for full server side routing support and using SEO friendly URLS
  • Great new Routes design panel on the left side of Wappler
  • Rich options for routes to be enabled in the project settings
  • Implemented also mobile routing with full Framework 7 routing support and nested routes
  • On web projects you can choose to use Apache or IIS - routing files like htaccess or web.config will be fully automatically generated
  • Existing htaccess and web.config files are just extended with the new Wappler routing
  • URL Rewrite configurations will be automatically generated
  • New dedicated Route picker for links, with automatic params generation for dynamic parts
  • Added quick search to the routing dialog and picker
  • Add auto add Base Path option to the web projects, so that each page gets its right base tag for the routing. Base tag is added on page save.
  • htaccess rules improvements - adds QSA, adds to existing query strings
  • added 4 new options per route for web, sensitive, strict, end and start
  • On route edits - automatically open routing page and adjust the needed base and meta tags

Framework 7 General

  • Added special routes picker to all Framework 7 links
  • Add many specific Framework 7 routing options
  • Added support for special Framework 7 nested routes, detail Routes
  • Improved handling of inner text editing properties - like many of the items in Framework 7
  • Implemented Framework 7 toggle button for iOS styled switch
  • Implemented list item title with optionals footer and header
  • Updated app.js for framework 7 version 2 and 3
  • Cleanup of framework 7 (removed icon fonts, sample images and custom app.css)
  • Added RTL version
  • Update Framework 7 to version 3.6.7
  • Kitchen sink template update using new folder structure

New Framework 7 Icons Framework

  • Added new Framework 7 Icons as framework and a great icons picker
  • Allow Framework 7 Icons to be added as one of choice of icons with the media elements

Bootstrap 4

  • add route picker to link fields in Bootstrap 4

Design Panel

  • Added option to move styles from style attribute


  • Components Insert Panel, A - List view added to context menu
  • Small icons view for icons picker
  • Improved code - design view syncing
  • Improved panel collapsing - specially server connect

Extensions Update

  • Server Connect - Added debug option to query, will output the generated query, parameters and options of the action.
  • State Manager - improved for the new routing
  • Google Maps - Only allow a single info window
  • App Connect Swiper
    • added update method and change event
    • added change event and update method
  • App Connect - implemented routing
  • Server API Connector - added x-www-form-urlencoded support


  • Fixed OAuth2 module case in PHP
  • Fixed rare occasion of having the styles panel empty
  • Fixed switches on the Bootstrap 4 Table and Paging dialogs
  • Fixed App Connect the global ready event when used together with Google maps
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Thanks, Thanks, Thanks
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Are there any videos for routing ?


Please check the docs:

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Clicking on List icon does not display in list view.


Please post a new topic for any issue you are having, explaining what exactly is wrong.


Thanks for the speed and quality of all your work!

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thank you for RTL support in mobile. keep it up guys.

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maybe too many e-mails:

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Hi George, great work even if I don’t actually need the routing I will sure need it eventually when I get into the dynamics features of Wappler.


Hi All,

As the announcement topics are watched by everybody, people get too many notifies about it.
So I will be locking the announcements after I post them.

You can still like them, but just post follow up discussions as separate topics.

Thank you.

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