Wappler 1.8.1 Released


What’s New

You ask for it and here it is - another major update for Wappler! Now including all the latest mobile development Framework7 v3 and great improvements to the Cordova building and project properties! Also a lot of attention has been put on the Server Connect panel allowing you now fully to rename or drag & drop various server action files, to organize them as you wish!

Mobile Apps with Framework7

  • Added many additional options for the Mobile Apps project settings, like
    • App Title, ID, Version, Description and Author info
    • Special iOS and Android icons settings
  • Improved recognizing of Content Pages as such in Framework7 - so you can add a page node first
  • Improved Framework7 rules with links to be displayed as single component in the App Structure
  • Improved Cordova building and detection on Linux
  • Added Cordova Mobile project options
  • Include full support for Mobile Framework7 version 3.6.5

Server Connect

  • Server Actions Tree:
    • Implemented full drag and drop in Server Connect actions
    • Fully implemented folder or action file rename in server connect
    • Improved working for deleting server connect action or folder
    • Added clear alerts to warn the user about the delete or move of server connect actions
    • Implemented rename of Server Connect Action
    • Also allow renaming server connect action files with F2
    • Added Upload, Open in Editor/Browser and Show in Explorer/Finder options to the Server Connect actions context menu
    • Open in Editor now opens the related JSON file in ASP.NET
    • Fixed contents menu and selection of it’s actions
  • Action Editor
    • Only lower the case for $_GET variables

Design View

  • Optimized the speed of rendering, so it loads even faster.

Database Connector & Updater

  • Respect the case of the database fields when generating $_POST variables
  • Added Prepare Statements option to the MySQL connector options, to solve problems with views on some older PHP versions

Bootstrap 4 Form Generator

  • Allow field names to have mixed case

FTP Manager

  • Alert users of FTP errors with listing remote folder.

Global Options

  • Added confirmation dialog to reset all settings

Project Options

  • Use the new project options when importing a project or recovering an old one

Extension Updates

  • App Connect Date Picker 1.0.1 - Convert also the input type to text as it is required for the date picker to work
  • App Connect Slideshow 1.0.6 - Improved fade and slide transitions

Update 1.8.1

  • fixed an error with PHP database connection

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Released an update to Wappler 1.8.1 - for a last minute PHP database connection fix

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If I have a full subscription to your DMX site why don’t I get Wappler with that?



DMXZone subscription is for Dreamweaver extensions. Wappler is a completely separate product.

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