Wappler 1.7.5 Released

What’s New

Lots of component and frameworks updates this week! Major update for Bootstrap to version 4.2.1 with many new components and great forms enhancements! Also The App Connect Video Player and Animate CSS has been updated with great improvements for even more animations and cooperations with Lazy Load!

Global Options

  • Added options to set breakpoints/views for designview
  • Added reset panel sizes
  • Added reset to defaults

Bootstrap 4

  • Improved Boostrap 4 Form Generator with options for adding form rows on vertical forms and optional help texts

  • Also improved it to handle better labels with html tags in them, so no html corruption occurs

  • Bootstrap 4.2.1 enhancements

    • Added Decoration options for links
    • Border and Growing Spinners
    • Bolder and Lighter Font Weight
    • Negative Margins Sizes
    • Custom Form iOS Style Switch Control
    • Extra Large Modal Dialog size
    • Allowed dynamic attributes for inline spinners
  • Bootstrap 4 forms:

    • Multiple option for selects and files - now as property
    • New custom style file browser control, with translatable elements and multi file upload options
    • New iOS style Switch control
    • Greatly extended forms with custom styled elements, for both default (vertical) and horizontal forms
      • New Custom File Input Form Group
      • New Custom Multiple File Input Form Group
      • New Custom Select Form Group
      • New Custom Checkbox Form Group

App Connect

  • Greatly improved scripts loading speed on live web pages by using the defer attribute for App Connect components
  • Improved script includes - auto add now defer attribute and remove unneeded type=“text/javascript”
  • Added all maps files to App Connect and its components

Extension Updates

  • App Connect Video Player 1.0.1
    • Added new Play In View option to Automatically Play the video when it comes in view
    • Added video preload attribute, to set if the browser should preload the video or none
  • Animate CSS 2.1.0
    • New options for inview and outview - delay and duration. So you can even more precisely time your animations and order now
    • Added cooperation with App Connect Lazy Load for triggering the animations when the element is loaded with lazy load
    • New Effects Jello and Hearth Beat
    • Latest Animate CSS 3.7 library
  • Updated Server API connector to handle better Query param escapes
  • App Connect Data Formatter
    • Improved parsing and meta data generation of custom objects
  • Server Data Formatter
    • fixed error popup during parsing
  • Bootswatch 4.2.1 - Included the latest Bootstrap 4.2.1 themes

Extra update 1.7.5

  • Fixed including of CSS files with App Connect components
  • Also clean type=“text/css” from CSS include files as it is unneeded

Awesome improvements in such a short amount of time since the last release

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Yes, there is a special components that Wappler team never mention but it is in all the upgrades:
the enthusiasm with they update the software every week and that they transfer to all of us every thursday ! :wink:

@George @Teodor @patrick


FINALLY! Will try it out asap! :smiley:
Another great update.

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Looks like I got excited and misread the text. I thought the Design Tab now supported breakpoints. :sweat_smile:
Anyways, breakpoints control in Design View is a good addition.
Still awaiting the Design Tab to come out of beta. :crossed_fingers:

We are working on this currently :slight_smile: Amazing new options are coming there :slight_smile:

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What is the new global option ‘Reset Panel Sizes’ for? At first glance it looks like it might be for setting the panels to their defaults, but there is another button for this. I had hoped it would store the panel settings I have set up currently, but it doesn’t seem to do that.

I’m also not clear about the purpose of a related feature: setting breakpoints in Design view. Is this for people who have changed Bootstrap 4’s default breakpoints? I can see it would be useful in that case.

Update: I’ve just noticed the ‘reset to defaults’ button resets all global options; I thought it applied to the tab I was on. I think it would be a good idea to display a ‘are you sure’ type message (so I would have had a chance to cancel and not have to redo my settings).

Hi @TomD, thanks for the feedback.

The Reset Panel Sizes resets all the sizes to there defaults. This is for the left/right panels, but also for the inner panels vertical sizes.

The breakpoints are default the ones bootstrap uses, you can change it if you use different framework or a customized bootstrap. The media queries are currently not used, this is added for future updates we are working on that will require them.

The Reset to Defaults resets all the settings back to there default values. We could add an extra confirmation dialog with a warning that will reset all settings.

Thanks @patrick. That all makes sense.

On the matter of panels, I think it would be very useful if there were an option to save panel settings - ie to how they are currently set. I frequently click the Server Actions refresh button, and every time I have to resize the panels.

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Extra Wappler Update 1.7.5 Released

To fix an urgent issue

  • Fixed including of CSS files with App Connect components

And add some more nice stuff

  • Also clean type=“text/css” from CSS include files as it is unneeded