Wappler 1.7.2 Released

What’s New

After the Wappler team got recharged during the holidays, it is quickly up and running with a brand new update for you!

The long anticipated Server API Connector is finally here! Now you can finally have all those secure server side API actions and data source that you always wanted.

Coming up next OAuth2 support! Sortable components and more!

Server Connect

  • New Server API Connector now available. You can add an API Action now as a server action step
  • API Schema can be easily defined just like with the client API actions
  • Server Connect - Added invalid event for handling http errors 400 validation failed for API events as well
  • Improved PHP Sessions support in expressions with $_SESSION

API Schema Editors

For both Server and Client API Schema Editors we have the following improvements:

  • Result Source of API Schema fetch can now be viewed and edited with the integrated JSON code editor
  • New Schema generation from sample code - now you can generate schema by pasting JSON code in the API JSON Source code editor and clicking process

Code View

  • Improved error checking for inline SVG and other syntax checks


  • Improved frameworks adding and removal in Content Pages

Bootstrap 4

  • Improved Bootstrap 4 buttons to inherit App Connect actions and data when used together with App Connect


  • Fixed global search and replace in files error
  • Fixed showing dmxdomid in form labels property

Thanks Team Wappler


Exactly what I have been waiting for, thanks so much Wappler.

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Best Sara

There was a minar packing problem with the Mac version.

All solved now - please download the Mac version fully and install again:

get it from:

Note the version is exactly the same 1.7.2 - so just download and install

Note: You might need to logout and login again within Wappler to activate your license again.