Wappler 1.7.1 Released

What’s New

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all Wappler users!

2018 was amazing first year of Wappler and a huge success!
Wappler was born and set a standard of new wave web development!

We want to express our special gratitude to all Wappler Ambassadors helping make Wappler the great success it is! Thank you all!

We look forward to a great 2019 and promise to give you even more power with Wappler.

  • The Wappler Core Team

What’s New in this update:

1.7.1 is a small update, just before Christmas for better user experience and fixes for the issues you mentioned on the Wappler Community forum.

Account & License Info

  • Greatly improved the account and license dialog in Wappler. It is all much clearer now.
  • Allow to change your billing information
  • Next payment is clearly visible
  • Easy and clear subscription upgrades and cancellations

Design View

  • Improved image placeholders when used with Lazy Load

Server Connect

  • Warn user for unsaved server connect files - before switching projects

Database Connector & Updater

  • Added Refresh Schema option to the Query Builder for easy database schema refreshing
  • Database Updater - Auto add primary keys to filters for other databases like MS SQL
  • Improved Query Builder dialog with many conditions
  • Improved Query Builder Join dialog

Styles Panel

  • Show message when no element is selected, and no CSS is available

Extensions Update

  • App Connect Formatter update - improved slugify


  • Improved Wappler cleanup for brand new installations
  • Improved Wappler error reporting on Mac
  • Put reported bugs in the right forum category

Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy new Year


Thank you, team Wappler, very Thank you for 2018,
Thank you for * Atualização do App Connect Formatter - slugify aprimorado :slight_smile:

@George, @Teodor, @patrick :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you Wappler for an awesome product, 2018 was easier and more exciting because of your efforts.

Hope you all have an amazing break and see you all fresh and clever in 2019.

I ask one thing, no extreme sports for any of the core Wappler team over the holidays please.


Yes, a huge thank you to all of the hard working, talented and generous people on the Wappler team. I hope everyone stays happy, healthy + warm this Holiday Season. Best wishes for Christmas joy and a New Year full of good times.

Norm :smiley:


Peace and have a wonderful holiday!

Same to all in the community.



huge thank you @George , @patrick , @Teodor for an awesome product ,hard working and your efforts … I hope stays happy and healty with your family … and my friends @wappler_ambassadors and wappler users thanks everyone … I want to buy beer for you but you’re too crawded :))


Am I imagining things or has this feature suddenly appeared?

Brilliant! Just Brilliant!

If I’m a bit late to the party with this one then I blame my age :smile:


Thank you so much for these improvements here! Merry X mas