Wappler 1.6.3 Released

What’s New

Another great update of Wappler at your disposal! As we feel that the community is a main driven force of Wappler, starting from this update we will require a community login for Wappler usage.
You are already probably using it with login, but anonymous users will now be prompted to login to the community first.

CSS Design Panel

  • Improved prettify CSS
  • Improved editing in styles panel

App Connect / App Structure and Properties Panel

  • Added all key codes as possible modifiers for the keyboard events in App Connect
  • Shorten action paths in Action Picker
  • Fixed double click in Action Picker

Extension Updates

  • Swiper - Added responsive settings for the slides grid
  • Animate CSS - Updated to the latest version


  • Fixed file copy to a destination folder with a dot in it
  • Fixed error when clicking abort on local target