Wappler 1.6.2 Released

What’s New

In this Wappler Update we have greatly improved our CSS Designer Panel. A whole new powerful CSS parser is now built-in that understands CSS better than anybody :slight_smile: So now you will see much more styles than ever and clearly see what is overridden and from where.

Also a lot of bugs are squashed in this update next to many improvements. The issues reported by the Wappler Community members are solved and improved - so keep the feedback coming for rock solid Wappler!

CSS Design Panel

  • Greatly improved performance
  • New Parser for all CSS rules, from all linked CSS documents, as well inherited browser CSS rules!

Design View

  • Improve Data Bindings picker in Design View to show even if App Connect is switched off
  • Many new shortcut keys are available now:
    • CTRL-E toggle extend-lines
    • CTRL-G - toggle bootstrap grid
    • F2 - edit text
  • Some experimental keys - those might change
    • CTRL-D / CMD-D - duplicate node
    • A - add after the current node
    • B - add before the current node
    • I - add inside the current node
  • Improved selection behavior of up/down keys in design view to go further with parent selection.

Code View

  • Removed ALT-G mapping and implemented jump To Line command to CTRL-G
  • Always focus search field after pressing CTRL-F

Dom Tree

  • Implemented auto scroll to selected node

Bootstrap 4

  • Improved Bootstrap 4 Table and Form Generators to escape nicely used formatters when applying

Database Connectors and Query Builder

  • Added table prefix in the conditions tab of the query builder

App Connect

  • Improved Actions picker within a repeat region, with the correct scoping

App Structure and Properties

  • Fixed refreshing id attribute in the App Structure after change
  • Fixed App Structure refreshing after insert of new element

Extension Updates

  • Updated App Connect Formatter with improvements for filters
  • App Connect Slideshow 1.0.6: Removed dynamic pickers from the slides, as those require static values

Project Targets

  • Test connection for local folder was not working correctly, used project folder instead of the defined local folder

yes … App Connect

  • Improved Actions picker within a repeat region, with the correct scoping

... also:

  • Name and Email is now required for download (starting with 1.6.2)

That’s only required for new users/new downloads. If you have Wappler installed, just use the internal update option.

:blush: Oh ok, thanks @Teodor. I always download the actual installer so I can revert to a previous version if ever needed. No biggie was just was not expecting it when I went to download like usual.

This does not work for me due to exterprise proxy stuff I can not control, will there be some interface like dmxzone ext’s that I can monitro the update progress “que”

The only way for me to get the new versions is a full download…

Updates are exactly the same, so doesn’t matter if you do inline or full download.

Inline should btw also work through proxy…

I’ve refreshed the page in the last 1 hour 98348343 times for new wappler release 1.6.x :)))

Sorry Serhat, we blocked your IP so you won’t receive an update :slight_smile:

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:)) Ok

Well. I am waiting as a good boy :))