Wappler 1.6.0 Released


What’s New

Another huge Wappler update heading your way! Now with great new mobile friendly Swiper component, awesome Font Awesome integration and further API powers with API Action and API Form components!

Your wishes are granted :slight_smile:

New components

  • Added Font Awesome 4 and 5 as frameworks! Learn how it works: Using Font Awesome
  • Support even for Font Awesome 5 Pro! You can just “install” it in Wappler! See Using Font Awesome 5 Pro
  • New Swiper component - the most advanced mobile-friendly touch slider! Learn about it: Swiper - Basic Options
  • Implemented API Action and API Form components
  • Allow Bootstrap 4 form to be used as API Form
  • Extended API Schema generator to also work with input data for API Actions
  • Implemented local installation of the FontAwesome 5 Pro framework!


  • Auto generate APP ID when inserting App Connect on new pages with name

Design View

  • Greatly improved remote rendering in design view with localhost connection
  • Allowing adding Font Awesome icons directly from the inline text edit toolbar

Bootstrap 4

  • Added Font Awesome icons choice in the Bootstrap 4 Buttons, list items, titles, navigations

Updated Extensions

  • Included missing Bootstrap 4 paging generator


  • Fixed changing the app Root to Page from Body
  • Fix for code corruption inside script and style tags



now i can use and test the API
Thank you very much for this improvement.


Hey guys are you nuts? What are you doing!!!
Wappler is not even 12months live and you already offer stuff that others take some years to implement, that’s not fair.




Thank you @George !!!


you’ve earned confidence!





Hey now really I am serious. I think you should forget all about this Wappler sh*t and stick back to the DW extension cube. Let’s all hit the delete button, forget what happened here all these months and go back home.


Of course, there are no PROs here anyway Nico, you know that :rofl:


Waiting for the launch of the routes, I close the year with a golden key
Wappler a tool, thousands of possibilities


and what is incredible is we are only at version 1.6.0… with all these updates a big companies would be at version 13.0 !!
It s impressive speed of development !!


The new Font Awesome feature is … Awesome!

I haven’t used font awesome much and it usually seems a hassle to use and find the right icon etc… Not any more. This is really brilliant.



Looks great Chad! Did you draw that? Awesome!


How did I miss this yesterday - Font Awesome support is AWESOME!!! Thanks so much - and I can’t wait to try out the new Swiper. Another super update - so glad I’m using Wappler!!!


Until now I thought, Font Awesome is not that important maybe the devs should concentrate on more important features. Today I started to use it, and I’m so glad the devs didn’t share my opinion! No more hassle with unicodes!