Wappler 1.5.2 Released

What’s New

This week we have two major improvements! A totally redesigned Insert Elements panel and an awesome smart partial synchronization between code and design view - for a huge productivity speed boost! So both designers and coders should be greatly pleased! The era of Visual coding has began!

Design View

  • Totally Redesigned and optimized Insert Elements panel.

    • elements categories are now much more clean on the left side.
    • smart suggestions depending on your context, offered as first choice.
    • elements already filtered based on used frameworks and context.
    • search is now much more smarter as you can enter multiple keywords separated by space.
    • search filters also on categories.
    • next to search there is also frameworks toggles.
    • each element has a tag indicating the framework it comes from.
  • Add frameworks now only available on the App Structure toolbar.

  • Greatly improved Bootstrap 4 forms category menu - now suggesting the Bootstrap 4 groups as first choice.

  • Reorganized the components Browser, Charts, Google Maps & Directions, Masonry, Notifications, Scheduler, Slideshow, Video, Alerts, Modals and Moment to be under the “Components” category.

  • New shortcut keys in Design View for easy elements selection.

    • CTRL-D / CMD-D: duplicate
    • Left: Select parent element
    • Right: Select first child element
    • Up / Down: Select prev/next sibling element
    • Escape: deselects
    • Delete / Backspace: delete element

Code View / Split View

  • Awesome smart syncing during type with design view! No more full refreshes but just the text/tags you enter are directly visible in Design View!

  • Improved Undo/Redo - also with smart partial syncing.

  • Improved selection of an element in code view when selected from design view or App Structure.

  • Improved theming colors of the active selection.

  • Fixed esc key not working correctly in Code View

  • Added brand new bookmarks, visible in the code view gutter, shortcut keys:

    • CTRL-F2 / CMD-F2 - toggle Book
    • F2 - Next bookmark
    • SHIFT-F2 - Previous bookmark
    • CTRL-SHIFT-F2 / CMD-SHIFT-F2 - Clear all bookmarks

App Structure

  • Allow structure html tags also to be displayed in App Structure.
  • Improved content & layout categories.
  • Insert Frameworks panel - improved similar to the Insert Elements panel.
  • Insert Dynamic Actions panel - improved similar to the Insert Elements panel.

Server Connect

  • Insert Actions Step panel - improved similar to the Insert Elements panel.

Bootstrap 4

  • Moved the Bootstrap 4 basic components, like title, paragraph and images to the “Content” category.
  • Renamed the Bootstrap 4 Navbar category to Navigation.

Updated Extensions

  • Updated file System Connector to 1.1.3 - Improved conditions in file exists action steps.
  • Improved integrated Image Resizer with paths checks.
  • improved Form Generator for multi record forms.


  • Fixed missing Dynamic Actions for some server connect forms.

Thursdays are great, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, and Wappler, thanks guys.

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Thanks for new release

I have to get up at 4 AM in order to update to the new version.

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Help me !!

Deinstall and install again might work. Had similar thing before.

Same here. Downloaded from https://wappler.io/download, no probs.

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Thank you for all the hard work and effort Gentleman! Much obliged.


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Few things in life are as superlative as the weekly updates to Wappler. Very impressed with this week’s updates. It is amazing how much Wappler has improved in the past 6 months. And to think - I thought Wappler was a godsend before all the updates. :slight_smile:


Wappler team add features to Wappler . faster than Adobe deleting them from Dreamweaver :rofl::v:

Now every week I m waiting the update day… you created an happening !!


We do our best guys! You just make sure you spread the word out about Wappler and it’s greatness to all social channels and other forums!

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Wapplerday
  • Friday
  • Saturday



I love the way you’ve implemented the select parent/child command! This greatly improves the workflow since no switching to appstructure is required now.


Me too!
Just another wish, since I work mainly in code: Ctrl+D / CMD+D to duplicate code selection.

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Your best is highly appreciated…:smiley::smiley:

No problem with download or install… Great job!

Uhh? Where can I find that. As usual I am a bit slow in finding out things.

Over here, take a look at all the shortcuts Wappler Shortcut Keys

George did also mention all these in his original post and I updated the Shortcuts doc right after i saw them.

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