Wappler 1.5.1 Released

What’s New

Another update for you and it is a beauty! We have polished greatly the interface, specially the design view.
Also all the reported bugs are fixed and a lot of the requested improvements by the Wappler community are implemented.

Design View

  • Greatly improved the design view selection. The action controls icons are restyled and also much smarted positioned. Depending on the elements visibility and scroll position.
  • Tag inspector is now also restyled and colorized.
  • Improved rendering of remote pages - now everything is rendered locally and local assets are used even if remote target is selected. The remote target is only used for server connect data feeds.
  • New App Connect toggle - to enable or disable the data rendering in design view. Can be useful during design to disable it sometimes.
  • Redesigned the inline text edit icons.
  • New global option for Design View selection highlights - to Show Highlight on hover of an element


  • Improved App structure, now colorized the elements ID and title in the App Structure tree for better visualization.
  • Full dark theme support for MacOS Mojave

Code View

  • Improved saving position after save of CSS files.
  • Improved undo/redo in code view.
  • Fixed search in code view between different pages.
  • Improved code synchonization.


  • Added new parallel connections option - to allow you to greatly speed up transfers for FTP servers that support multiple connections.
  • Increased the default timeout time, for low performing servers.
  • Increased the number of retries to 3 before a failure occurs.
  • Add those and additional FTP settings as global options.
  • Removed completely the “use chmod” option as chmod is not really necessary for web development and only slows down synchronization.

Bootstrap 4

  • Allowed card bodies to be repeated.
  • Improved the options of Bootstrap 4 components that can be extended with App COnnect Data components like repeaters or form controls

New extensions

  • Added new Video player component for responsive and dynamic html5 video player.


  • Fixed self repeat regions data bindings.
  • Fixed bootstrap 4 checkbox and radio groups data bindings.
  • Fixed Slideshow Image Resizer on MacOS
  • Fixed missing design view selection lines when using on remote pages

You guys rock so much!
Almost made me jump of my chair as I saw the notification!


Wow, paint is not even dry on the last update - if you all worked at Ford we would have flying cars by now :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


This is how software development should be done!
As a design engineer, I have a lot to do with heavy, bloated Software where the developers just keep on adding features til the UI is so confusing and unstable, working with it is a real pain in the a**! Not to mention the fact that the interface looks like pre-2000.
I’m a huge proponent of context sensitive interfaces where the user only sees what is possible and useful.


Me too absolutely! You can see it through all the Wappler - we offer only choices that make sense in the current context - not just a library with 1000 components for example where you get lost..


Superb I can transfer all my projects across! I can work despite all my crazy show/hide/security shenanigans!

The ability to turn off rendering of data is… MARVELOUS!


Thank you!!