Wappler 1.4.0 Released


Wappler 1.4.0 Released

You ask for it - we build it! Now available in Wappler - split view! You can see the design view and the code view nicely next to each other, with fully synchronized selection! So no matter where you make your selection everything is updated automatically!

We have also updated the Bootstrap 4 color styling - now all bootstrap theme color pickers reflect the used color in the selected Bootstrap 4 theme. We have also updated the Bootswatch theme picker to show a preview of the theme colors (thanks Chad!)


  • Fully synchronized Split View. Orientation is controller in the global options
  • Greatly improved selection speed in all the various views
  • New design view ruler, controlled by global options
  • Improved handling of include PHP code in Wappler

Code View

  • Integrated HTML Linter - when typing in code view now you see directly any errors that need to be fixed first.
  • Added indentation guides to code editor
  • Improved automatic scrolling on selection of element in the other views
  • Improved color coding to have better selected code highlight

Bootstrap 4

  • New Bootstrap 4 Tooltips extension included
  • Allow multiple form rows in form


  • Fixed modals, alerts and notifications id display in app connect actions picker



hope this was the issue i was having with the action picker.
i wish we see more love to the formatter in the next update

Good job guys keep it up


Thank you George and the Wappler team. The split view is very welcome :smile:


Tooltips - wow, I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it - downloading now - you guys rock!!!



Split View is awesome, thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank Patrick too for being damn awesome.


Split View is better than I expected. Thank you very much.


Great update, love the code view and the indentation guides. Time to play with tooltips!


Loving the tooltips!!!


Hello George

Nothing about the manifest;json and ServiceWorkers support for PWA? Should be not very hard to implement it.

When can we get this?


Hey @mangeo,
Please post a new topic in the features request section, for any request you have :slight_smile:


A post was split to a new topic: Server Connect panel lagging


Fantastic updates. It seems like just a week ago I was commenting on how much I loved all the completely new features. Very happy that the color styles were added for Boostrap. Thank you and it just shows how great Wappler is. I came up with an idea, submitted it, and they added it later on. I have 3.4 million requests to Microsoft about Windows. You know how many saw the light of day? None. :slight_smile:

Great job guys! The split view is superb!


Great split view and no more guessing which modal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Just thought that I would share a post from another forum. This comes from a Wappler agnostic

Wappler is becoming more like a code editor every day…did I not say they would be fools to ignore it even though George and his team seemed dead set against it becoming a code editor as well as a visual tool. I think it could be both. Its just introduced a rather good split window view and html code error indication whilst you type…yah more my thing, just how good it is is another thing. A way to go yet but even I’m impresed by their continued efforts and that takes a lot for me to be impressed.


Well I would say - welcome to the world of the Visual Coder :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this had been pointed out already (not as far as I know), but I asked if this discrepancy could be addressed. I only asked yesterday and it was fixed the same day!


Hey Tom,
Yes, that was reported yesterday - so managed to include the fix in the update.