Wappler 1.2.5 Released

Wappler 1.2.5 Released

What’s New

In this update we have many great improvements for you! Wappler is even faster then before while using much less memory!
We have added great optimizations, bug fixes and also new experimental features in this release.

You can enable the experimental features in the global options / system - and then you can see all the new features we are planning to implement and provide us with valuable feedback!

In this update we have the new Design panel as experimental feature. So enable the experimental features and you can see it next to the styles panel.

What’s New:


  • Great speed improvement and also memory footprint.
  • New experimental features - can be enabled in the global options / system
  • New Design panel as experimental feature.
  • Selection speed improvements on App Connect components

Bootstrap 4

  • Allow Bootstrap 4 Collapse to be shown in design view even if it is hidden

Design View

  • Improved design view highlights - to be better visible when toggling over the CSS styles layout panel.
  • Added global design view option disable the highlights for margins and paddings
  • Improved design view rendering server connect with parameters having a mix up of php code.

App Connect

  • Improved form reset with App Connect Form Validator
  • Fixed unknown variable when calling data formatter on nested data structures
  • updated core rules for multiple select

Extension Updates

  • Updated Bootstrap 4 extensions - specially Navigation with the newest JS file
  • App Connect Form Validator 1.1.1: updated for medium editor support
  • App Connect Formatter 1.1.3: added new formatters to retrieve a date part: getYear, getMonth, getDate and getDay


  • Fixed DOM inspector panel collapsed bug
  • Fixed server formatter, additional data bindings picker

The design panel is pretty sweet! Really fast access to important styling options. Love it!

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I have come across a few bugs related to the advanced options which I will post. However, in early testing I feel it is a positive step forward. It’s looking good and the settings seem to work as I expect it would.

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Just saying thanks for the speed improvements. The server connect chooser etc panels open up faster. Do not think I am imagining things :slight_smile:


The new design panel is nice it remind me of Flexylayout (Visual design extension for DW) I actually use…I think this will attract more designers who are using fully visual tools (Wix and else) it increase productivity and is more friendly user for those like me who are more design oriented :slight_smile: