Wappler 1.2.0 Released

Wappler 1.2.0 Released

What’s New

Another milestone for Wappler this week! We are on to version 1.2! We have implemented so many performance improvements and stability fixes that its time for big version increase!

What’s New:

General Improvements

  • Completely reworked the way we handled unsaved files in Wappler. Now the unsaved files aren’t stored any longer as temp files, but directly within Wappler’s own internal storage. This gives big performance boost as well stability. Files are now saved automatically on any change, so you will never loose your work even in the power fails!
  • Awesome speed improvements in opening files and switching projects. Now design view renders much quicker
  • NEW Viewers for Image and PDF files! Now you can open any image or PDF file and those will be displayed nicely as open files in tabs.

Editor Improvements

  • New unsaved files icon on tab - now a blur circle is displayed on top of the X icon when file is unsaved.
  • Improved recent files

Code View

  • Great speed improvement on code synchronization with design view! Its done with such a speed that you probably won’t notice it

Project Manager

  • fixed default “Links relative To” option

File Manager

  • Fixed creating unknown files from the File Manager (like Text files)
  • Recognize htm files just as html files

Database Connectivity

  • set mySQL default server to localhost, which is usually always the case
  • Add more detection for invalid target configuration and better reporting when testing database connection

Extension Updates

  • App Connect Form Validator 1.1.1 - Improved Check if exists in database for Wappler compatibility
  • App Connect Google Maps & Slideshow - Improved compatibility with Wappler


  • Fixed adding data bindings in code view
  • Fixed adding undefined data expressions when dialog is canceled

no mobile love…

Could you please be a little more detailed what is wrong? Also - could you please post issues in new topics, so that we can follow them?

Hey @George you did not mention the best part. Or maybe you did but, seeing it work, made me so happy that I forgot you did. Filtering works and ‘bolts’ issues along with the ‘contains’ is fixed.

Congrats. Tacos for all of you!!!


i did post about the issues a week ago and again with new thread yesterday and added images.

Sorry but posts like this tell us absolutely nothing:

For specific issues please use the specific topics related to it and explain what exactly is not right!