Wappler 1.1.2 Released

Wappler 1.1.2 Released

What’s New

In this weeks update we have a lot fine refinements and speed improvements!
Also for the mobile development we have added much more possibilities and rendering of the Framework7 mobile frameworks.

General Improvements

  • Great speed optimizations! Wappler is now even faster that ever as we removed some extra logging and optimized page loading.
  • Added extra tray option for “restart with Logging” for the case when you do want to report a bug with extensive logging.

Editor Improvements

  • Added on-boarding message for adding new pages

Design View

  • Added new “Preview Mode” toggle, so design view works fully as a browser and clicks are executed while editor selection is disabled

Project Manager

  • Added on-boarding message and video in the main project screen
  • Improved project options dialog.
  • Added on-boarding message on projects options dialog for adding new targets

Mobile development

  • The iOS/Android toggle on design view now toggles really the user agent so the view renders exactly as the mobile device.
  • Improved Framework 7 content pages
  • Implemented all Framework 7 form inputs. Note they are all available under a List element
  • framework 7 form input rules improved for dynamic data

Cordova Builder

  • Greatly improved system check and configuration. Altering of system paths is no longer required.
  • Fixed Android installs on the Mac
  • Auto install Gradle during the system check on the Mac, needed for Android
  • Removed manage AVD and SDK for Android - those are now only available from the Android Studio, so use them from there to define Emulators and install additional Android SDK’s
  • Made System Check options more generic - when a platform is selected it does now an additional system requirements check for that platform
  • Moved the Open Xcode or Android studio as last option and made it more clear


  • fixed FTP upload of single file when its path already exists

Great update, since some very annoying minor bugs fixed. Makes working with Wappler even more productive and joyable. Keep on the good work!

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Forgot to mention that we have added a really convenient way to create new files @ben :slight_smile:


Server Side files choice is dependent on the Server Model you choose in the project options.
Also you can make blank include files this way.

:+1: This is getting better and better. Thank you.

This is very good. But guys we need more videos. Thanks

Yes very true. But our priority is to get the docs first fully complete at:


and also have Wappler feature complete and we are almost there. So soon we can start also producing more videos than the current ones available at our youtube channel:


But you as good Wappler users can also help to speed up the process and also deliver your special user stories about Wappler and its great usage! So do not hesitate to publish your own Wappler video use case! It will be also very useful for other users.