Wappler 1.1.0 Released

Wappler 1.1.0 Released

What’s New

Welcome to the world of mobile development! Wappler now fully supports mobile packaging and deployment with the integrated Cordova builder! Also the mobile design is now fully integrated with the latest Framework 7 version 2!

Such a big update of Wappler that we decided to call it version 1.1!

What’s New:

General Improvements

  • Full Mobile development - Cordova Builder and Framework 7 v2 fully integrated!
  • Built-in terminal - as deployment is more and more terminal based, we automated it all but still for you convenience gave you also access to full blown terminal in the publishing panel

Editor Improvements

  • Added recent files menu item

Project Manager

  • Improved Project Manager with Mobile templates
  • Included now a blank mobile template for cordova apps
  • Included Framework 7 Kitchen Sink as Mobile Template

Cordova builder

  • Integrated now as toolbar in the publishing panel
  • System checks for installed components is now based on the publishing target you choose
  • System check installs as much required components as possible and for the other system requirements you will be alerted with download links.

Bootstrap 4

  • Include the new Bootstrap 4 Alerts extension

File Manager

  • Do not show remote possibilities for mobile projects now


  • Fixed undo
  • Fixed syncing problem from code view to design view
  • Fixed major issue of CSS Designer including the wrong css files
  • Made CSS bullet proof so no corruption should ever happen again

Well so much for any plans I had today … lol :wink:

Where are these templates?

Nevermind, I found the really tiny link. :wink: