Wappler 1.1.0, Official Bootstrap 4 Theme, blank design view

I have a clean install of the pro version, v 1.1.0
OSX 10.13.4

Created a new blank project.
Copied the “starter” folder from this theme - https://themes.getbootstrap.com/product/beagle-responsive-admin-template/

It contains an “asset” folder and some .html files. Plain html, bootstrap 4 and js.
Did nothing else.

The design view is blank. The code view shows the code.
If I open the file index.html locally it displays everything correctly.

If I create a project from one of the included wappler templates the design view works as expected.

I found something.
It is related to “Project Settings”, “Local webserver URL”

When I created the project I entered, this is what disables the design view.
If I clear the field, the design view works.
If I enter the design view disables css

I tested to create a new project with wapplers “Real Estate” Starter project template.
The problem is the same so you can test it your selves.

I don’t think that this is how it should work. Wappler should either generate an error message, “could not connect to local webserver, please edit your settings. Will disable design view now …”
But the best solution would be that this field shouldn’t disable the design view at all.

yes indeed - we will do more checks if the entered web server exists.

The local webserver URL is actually meant for your local web server for testing and development, but it had to be active indeed. Usually it is localhost and a WAMP/MAMP server running or IIS

But why is styling removed if I enter a correct URL in the field?

you should leave it empty if you don’t have a server running on this address or don’t have a local server

I do have a server on the adress

well make sure that all the css files are available there as well. Usually the project local Path is directly the same as the server so no synchronization is needed. But if they are different then you need to copy them.

try open the same address in a web browser and see what is missing.