Wappler 1.0.5 Released

Wappler 1.0.5 Released

What’s New

What a rush! So many new features and fixes just for you and all this in a single week!
We got all your wishes for-filled and also improved greatly the general stability and speed!

What’s New:

General Improvements

  • Improved Wappler startup speed and windows positioning. Now it is even faster and smoother!
  • Installed Extensions is now displayed in popup window
  • Global menu is now disabled when in Projects view
  • Full implementation of the App Connect Form Validator for both client side with App Connect and server side with Server Connect.
  • New Documentation option in the help menu. For now it shows the online docs page, but we will be working also on a offline documentation included with Wappler

Editor Improvements

  • Greatly improved switching between open file tabs and syncing speed between design and code view.
  • Improved open file watching - now when an open file in Wappler is changed from outside it will be auto reloaded or you will be alerted if you had unsaved changes first.
  • Upload files on Save
  • New Open in Browser icon on Design View now

FTP Improvements

  • Added support for FTPS Implicit and Explicit settings
  • New options for Active and passive FTP
  • Improved Dreamweaver site import of the FTP options
  • Added support for SFTP key files
    Note: When using SFTP on Windows you need to have globally SSH available. This is already the case on Windows 10 April 2018 update. If you are using other Windows - make sure you have Git For Windows installed and available in the path.

Bootstrap 4

  • Allowed to make App Connect Conditional region , Data Detail or Data Iterator from Bootstrap 4 Header, Section, Footer, Container or Column. This way the those standard Bootstrap 4 elements can be extended with core App Connect functionality
  • Included new Bootstrap 4 Paging Generator
  • Updated App Connect Form Validator to work with Bootstrap 4 styling
  • Added new Anchor Image element for images wrapped in links. Useful for Lightbox activation.

Database Connectors

  • Auto add sort & dir as global input fields when query action is add
  • Updated database connector with extra error checking

File Manager

  • Improved auto selecting the current open file in tab


  • Fixed include path for Security Provider
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My favourite new improvement! No more having to constantly be closing and re-opening the file when switching between code and design views.

All in all, nice work on 1.0.5!

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