Wappler 1.0.3 Released

Wappler 1.0.3 Released

What’s New

It takes three to tango! There you have it the 3rd Wappler update! A lot of new features that you were all being waiting for most notably the Security Provider Enforcer, a well know security extension to the DMXzone users.
We also have many more improvements in Wappler and extensions updates, so check it out!


  • NEW: Security Provider Enforcer - now you can fully secure your page so that unauthorized users get automatically redirected to login pages.

App Connect 1.5

  • NEW! Multi Action Generator for App Connect actions! Now you can have just as many actions ran after each other as you wish!
  • Engine optimization App Connect is now even faster!

Bootstrap 4

  • Added support for Bootstrap 4 Responsive Tables
  • NEW: Bootstrap 4 Dynamic Table Generator - automatically generate dynamic Bootstrap 4 styled tables from any data source and apply sortable columns!
  • Bootswatch 4.1.1 included now with the latest Bootstrap 4.1.1 support

Database Connectors

  • implemented sorting in the database connector, new sort options available in the Database Query action
  • improved joins and select all columns (*) in queries

Project Manager

  • Renamed the Web URL option in the projects options to be more clear as Local Web Server URL and Remote Web Server URL in the targets
  • New Project option “Links Relative To” for better handling of include files generation

Extension Updates

  • App Connect Data Traversal 1.0.5 - added dynamic sort on attribute for Data View
  • State Manager 1.0.2 - allow multiple sets of query manager


  • Greatly improved the handling of PHP code in files
  • Added automatic prioritizing of js and css includes! Now everything is included in the right order
  • Fixed rendering of include files (partial html files)
  • Fixed some initial startup problems on Windows
  • New Wappler Launcher for Mac

Very nice
the updates are great and fast.

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I still have a couple things to test but IMHO this is the biggest/best update yet including beta releases.


I agree, this update is brilliant, and all thanks to probably the most difficult and demanding bunch of users ever, haha, I would be surprised if the Wappler guys don’t all have heart attacks by the time they finish trying to make us all happy.
I have always said that I would never like to find a customer as painful as myself, lol.