Wappler 1.0.2 Released

Wappler 1.0.2 Released

What’s New

Another great update for you Wapplers! We have being carefully listening to you and adding the features you requested! As well squashed some bugs of course!

Now there is a full blast fantastic Auto updater within Wappler! So when an update is available you will get a nice notification and it will be auto installed if you allow it.

Here is the other new cool stuff:


App Updates and Launcher

  • A Wappler tray icon is now available so can quickly restart it or perform an update check.
  • Automatic updates checks and notifications. When an update is available you will get an alert about it. You can continue working and choose when you want it installed. It will download and install Wappler for you fully automatically

Full support for Server Side includes!

  • Need those repeating elements like menu on the same page - well use the new App Structure icon - Move to Include file and it will be moved to a separate file and auto included!
  • Design view renders nicely the include files directly inline!
  • When opened separately the include file automatically shows up in design view and the used design frameworks are auto shown! So everything renders just as nice as on the main page and you can still edit everything visually!
  • Add include files just as you will add other elements - select them from the Add elements panel.
  • Support for PHP include/require as well standard Server Side include file/virtual methods

Drag & Drop power

  • We have greatly improved drag & drop of components within the App Structure panel and now also made it available in the DOM Tree!

Bootstrap 4

  • New Bootstrap 4 Dynamic Form Generator included! Finally get quickly all those CRUD entry forms based on your database!
  • Updated Bootstrap 4 to latest version 4.1.1
  • Allowed much more content elements in table headers and cells
  • Add bootstrap 4 toggles and styling to all general links
  • Allow all Bootstrap 4 form elements now in the Server Connect forms
  • Added repeat children for TBODY

Server Connect & Database Connectivity

  • Database Updater now auto inserts the columns being updated as global $_POST variables in the Server Action - more automation!
  • Database Updater also auto prefills the default values for updates


  • Do not force refresh whole design view after formatter insert as it looses edits
  • Fixed “open with” when spaces in path
  • Fixed data pickers in modal to include modal itself
  • Fixed data picker in detailer regions
  • Fixed dynamic selects wrong restriction on required Data Source, while given

Great news, does this release brought us the cordova changes and Framework 7 v2?

See the whats new list above.

Sigh Still no page restrict meaning still cannot use Wappler for dashboards and data administration.

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Great job
keep it up


No mention of the “JSON Data Sources & API Connections” either, not in the update or the new docs. This feature is available now, not “coming up soon”, correct?

What are you missing from JSON Data sources?


See: API Connections

Sorry did not see the detail hidden drop down, I would suggest that its kind of bad UX to have it like that I totally missed it, and question any time frame for when will the Cordova and Framework 7 v2 will be ready?

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Small update for our Mac users - if you downloaded 1.0.2, please download and install again.
There was a small packaging error in the initial update.

Note the file name and versions are exactly the same, just make sure you download it fresh.

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That appears to work better but still no Doc icon.

yes - it was emergency fix :slight_smile: - will fix the dock in the next update