Wanna use a free geocoding service?

Just found a really cool comparison for gecoding services : https://getlon.lat


Nice find Freddy

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:sunglasses: Btw: After researching around 20 different providers: easiest way within 10 minutes for just onetime geocode 1000 addresses from a list or a Sheet is:

  1. Google Sheets with just one column of complete address
  2. Download Addon : Geocode from Awesometable
  3. Select whole Address column A for eg. and Addon will add into Column B „Latitude“ and in Column C „Longitude“ and starts batch geocode max 1000 Adresses within around 10 minutes for free for 24h.

Was the fastest way for getting batch free geodata within 10minutes without going with API…

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Is this for searching addresses within a text field type scenario? Maybe one of you could shed some light on the application of this interesting topic?