Visual Database = Workflow Builder?

Creating a database, updating entries and doing all the manual work on phpmyadmin was way too much for me as a non-developer. Wappler felt more of a low-code tool rather than a no-code tool.

This was almost 1 year ago, though. I see you now released a Visual Database. Is it the same as Bubble Workflows?

I already had my trial, so I can’t test it again, and I can’t find learning resources (visual ones) about this. Please let me know :slight_smile:


I don’t remember much of Bubble workflows but Wapplers DB manager is really more of an integrated Wappler version of a database manager like PHPmyadmin or MySQL workbench etc.

It’s still quite different though, much simpler to use than any of those two, especially for someone not use to database management.

It lets you set up your database structure, create your foreign keys and relationships etc. It takes away all the unnessary and complicated components of a traditional db manager and focuses on the things you need for getting websites and web apps to work.

It also integrates easier with Wappler and I’d you use something like Node or Docker it’s even easier to get everything working nicely very quickly.

Lastly, it has all its changes documented and you can rollback and clone to new targets similar to how GIT works on a way.

That’s my take on it. Hope it helps somewhat.

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