View and manage remote target files

Hi fellow Wappler’s…

I’m starting my transition from DW to Wappler and right off the bat, I’m stuck on how to view and manage files on the target.

Presently I’ve set up a blank project for an existing site, tested connection and so forth. There is a Local Files view, however, it’s unclear how to view remote files.

Is it possible to view / manage remote target files and if so, how?

Many thanks,


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Hi Drue,
Yes of course it is possible - click the expand file manager icon and you will see the files on the selected target :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification.

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I don’t see the expand file manager icon anymore in my panel ?

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Hi @vdweyer,

Turn off experimental features in your Wappler settings. For some reason the team thought it was a good idea to remove remote view.

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Thanks. I did not think about that !

I have a strange phenomenon in the remote view and this in almost all my Wappler projects. When I see the remote directory and file list Wappler added X to some off my files / directories and I cannot open them. Wappler sends the message “No such file or directory”.
The website works normally.
In attachment I send a screenshot of Wappler and Filezilla. Filezilla displays the list correctly

From what I gather, this is in preparation for the full blown version of Wappler’s GIT, where the site is developed locally and consequently uploaded to the server using GIT.

In the meantime, this is very annoying, especially for those that are not intending to use GIT. My work-around is to go to the Plesk panel -> File Manager.

Still have in Wappler 2.2.0