Video add icon/function to medium editor

Along with adding an image it would be great to have also a video icon that allows adding a youtube link in order to implement a video into medium editor.

As the medium editor is great to use it for blogs, video implementation is often used by our clients but the current process is too complicated.

Also it would be nice to have the option to implement the video with the nocookie youtube link.

I have found that this is quite easy to do Andre

Firstly ensure the HTML option is added to medium editor.

You can then paste the embed code of your video into medium edit, highlight it then select the html option. It will process your html and embed the video into the editor

Here is a quick example i put together.

Thanks for your suggestion. I do know how to do it like this but clients should have an easy option for videos similar to the images. This is too complicated for them (it is how it is … :wink: ).

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