Variation on Send Email workflow?

I dont know for PC but for mac I use something called forklift as an ftp app that will show me all the new vs old files and I can choose which I want to upload, so it makes it a little easier in your sort of situation

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Here’s why it’s such a big deal to me.

The instructions for Sending Form Data showed an example unlike mine.
The simple form was set up, it was not saving to a database
My form is
The Sending Form Data started with the Send Email step.

At the end it mentions that other actions can be Added – But-- the Primary Action is simply to Send an Email

Here’s the step in that GitHub tutorial that confuses me –

I have 2 Actions — One Inserting Data to Database Table
the Other Embedding same data into a Send Email script

As the screenshot shows – I don’t see Wappler allowing me to choose a Secondary Action — As Paul says-- stay with the 1st action which is an INSERT

But the tutorial Says when i have selected the Form that is to Send Data it is the same form that is already selected for the Insert to Database Table action step

But I can’t Replace the Action Step with the Send Email action step or all I will get is the Email sent.

I can set up Filezilla that way, too, but I will be setting up the Wappler FTP after I fix more important things.

You must not create a second action for the mail step as you are correct, you can not select 2 actions in that area.
You are going to take your existing action file called Stickinregistration. Click it. Go to steps. Right click the Dataintoregistration step and add your 2 mail components.
The result will be one action file with 4 steps
Database connection
Database inset
Setup mailer
Send mail

I followed your instructions and thought I understood them
This is what it shows

They are in this sequence
I renamed the “send_email” as “mailhotels”

Yes that’s perfect

So do I SKIP the App Structure step?

LEAVE the Action as it is?

Yes nothing needs to alter in the app structure step at all

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@NewMedia, have you got this part kind of working now.