Variables| What are the diffrences?

What is the difference between a “Define Query Param” Variable and a regular variable you can add anywhere.

I am trying to make assign a variable to an array. I can create an array variable the “Define Query Param” but I can’t assign values to it like I can the regular (right click) Variable?

How do I assign an array to the (right click )variable?

Regular var is JS
Query param is PHP GET (i guess)

A query param variable is written in SQL while other variables are written in JS.

Opposed to JS, which is interpreted on the client (read: browser), the former is server side code and will not respond to client side actions.

Defining a query parameter value under the Query Manager tells App Connect that you are using an URL parameter and then App Connect then can access it. So you are telling App Connect to read your URL and to expect the urlparam here and to get its value.

The variables are just like javascript variables, they can be used to store values and reuse them in different components.

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so query param is php get variable?

It works similar way, but it is available for PHP, ASP and ASP.NET - not PHP based.

Of course its different for other languages :sweat_smile:
thank you for clarifying @Teodor

It’s not different, what i am saying is that it is language independent as the function is js based.