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Hello all

How do I configure the validation message to appear below the selected field instead of at the end of the form?

Try placing the input inside a form group.

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I am afraid I don’t understand what you mean

I have a form. Inside which I placed the inputs. Several inputs I installed the validation. In case of an error, the message is displayed not under the selected inputs, but at the end of the form.

How can I manage the location of these messages? Or at least disable the text, but leave the validation. In case of an error, the field will light up in red, but the message text will not be displayed.

At the moment, if I leave the message text blank, it is still displayed and its text is set to default.

When you added your form field did you add a plain input or an input group? Can you paste the code from your form?

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I get it now! Do with a input group works as it should. It is strange that with a single input problems.

I wonder if this can be fixed in a single input without resorting to input group?

You should use input groups when possible. The plain ones are good for search forms and stuff like that where nothing really get input or updated. Form groups will also have Bootstrap styling to them.

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