Validation issue


I’m using this validator but it’s not fully working. I’m using it to check for an existing username. If I enter one that exists, the form doesn’t submit (correct) but there is no message displayed. If I change the username to one that doesn’t exist, it inserts the record but shows the message ‘that username already exists’. Is this a bug? I’m running v2.0.0 (I’m updating every time a new version comes out).

Check if a Database Record Already Exists Before Inserting a New Entry

I think we can be pretty sure that this is not a bug as this is a well tried and tested component.

Maybe this thread may help as it discusses similar issues. If not we need more information to diagnose the problem.


Thanks @Hyperbytes. After a lot of debugging, I’ve found the issue.

In the Server Actions, the Validate Data action must be above the Database Insert action. Moving it up one position has fixed it.


Hello @sitestreet,
Yes the validation which checks if the record exists in the table you want to insert the record must always be before the I sent step :slight_smile:

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