V5.2.0 - Are any changes expected in existing projects with MSSQL / Postgres databases

In the latest v5.2.0, some changes have been introduced for handling multiple schemas in MSSQL and PostgreSQL databases. Although at this stage, these are available only under the experimental options in Wappler, but at some stage these changes will be incorporated in the future versions.

It has also been mentioned in the release notes that MSSQL and PostgreSQL databases may be impacted the most. But there’s no clear indication as to which changes are expected in the databases that we need to be aware of if we are trying out these experimental options at this stage.

I have a few large projects in production that use MSSQL, which I don’t want to upgrade to the latest version in case these new changes are going to impact the existing database queries or schema and break the project.

Could we please get some more information on the changes and what is it’s impact on the existing MSSQL / PostgreSQL projects? Any information that helps us in making the decision to test it out is greatly appreciated.

You don’t have to migrate anything specifically. Old versions of database actions will just keep working. The new versions have just a slightly improved structure with the schema supplied separately and those are auto converted and generated on save.

So we expect no big problems there, everything is done for you.

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Thanks for the clarification, George.

The MSSQL has gone through various iterations of applying / not applying schema prefix dbo in the database queries over the previous upgrades, which made the queries inoperable when upgrading older projects, that is why I wanted to get more clarity on these changes.

I will test it out and report if there are any issues. Thanks again.

there are a few issues that we will tackle with the update tomorrow: