V3.9.9 Bootbox error in Bootstrap 5

Wappler Version : 3.9.9
Operating System : MacOS
Server Model: ASP.NET
Database Type: MSSQL
Hosting Type: IIS

Expected behavior

Bootbox (Confirm) when added in PageFlow on a Content Page should add dmxBootstrap5Toasts.js on the Layout Page with Bootstrap 5 Framework.

Actual behavior

  1. When Confirm step is added in PageFlow on a Content Page, dmxBootstrap4Toasts.js is added on the Layout Page with the project set to use Bootstrap 5 Framework.
  2. There are also no options available to add Labels etc. to Confirm component in the PageFlow

How to reproduce

  1. Setup a SPA project with Bootstrap 5 Framework
  2. Add PageFlow on Contents Page, add confirm step in the PageFlow.
  3. Script that’s included in the Layout Page is for dmxBootstrap4Toasts.js

Bootbox dialogs do not yet offer support for Bootstrap 5:

Thanks for the prompt reply, @Teodor.

The current version of Bootbox is working with Bootstrap 5, although the code has to be added manually in the PageFlow for the Bootbox options initially. From their GitHub page, It seems the original author has no plans to add support for Bootstrap 5.

Hey @george,
I there an alternative to Bootbox being planned? It would be nice to get something native for BS5 that looks better than the standard browser options.

I am trying to get Bootbox working with Bootstrap 5 and am having issues, then came accross this post.
Is there a pathway planned to get some nice dialogs incorporated into Wappler for projects using Bootstrap 5?

Bootbox for Bootstrap 5 is implemented in Wappler 4.8.2

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