V2 Beta 1 Save shortcut problems


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Wappler Version : 2.0.0 Beta 1
Operating System : OSX 10.14.4

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File should be saved

Actual behavior

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Edit File, press option+s or cmd+s


Maybe a stupid question but does Wappler has a focus? Try clicking on it and then cmd+S

Also do note where you clicked - try different parts

Does it work from the menu?


This has actually been randomly happening for about 6 months. No real pattern to when it happens that’s why I haven’t reported it.

Saving from the file menu works, just not the keyboard shortcut at random times.


Tried all of this and also from the menu. Save project is active to use but no effect. Save File is disabled and not available even thought the blue dot for unsaved shows. Closing the file has the save before close dialog which I then use and reopen the file to continue.


Works with my index.html, but not config.xml of mobile project. So it is only the config.xml


also not working with css file in mobile project


Problem identified and it will be fixed in the next beta. Probably tomorrow.

Was indeed with saving code only files - that have no design view.

Keep on reporting - that is the purpose of the beta cycle - we will have a speedy beta updates, depending on how many bugs got reported.


Not sure if you want a new topic. I’ll try here first. On my W10 machine I cannot Quit (Alt + Q) the program, although Logout and Quit does work.

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Good one Ben - will fix this one as well.

We totally redid the keyboard shortcuts, so few might be missing :slight_smile: - keep on reporting!

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Well it’s not exactly a keyboard shortcut but something which has been missing since the new design panel is the option to Ctrl+Click a button to open a modal attached to that button. It was very useful.

Checking it again now reminded me of another bug which still exists: a button with a class of w-100 appears as a column break, which means the wrong properties appear for the object:


Actually in the new design view - you don’t need ctrl+click for toggling menus/collapse/tabs/modals or other bootstrap elements. That is done automatically.

And if you need to preview more live working - just press P to go in preview mode, or click on the eye icon in the design view toolbar.


I’m not sure what you mean. If I click on a button which opens a modal, nothing happens. I woudn’t expect anything to happen, because I’m just selecting the button. However if I want to edit the modal, I have to navigate the App Structure tree (several clicks instead of one). I think I may have missed your point.