UUID - NodeJS & PHP [Open Source]


Here’s another quick extension which allows you to generate UUID quickly whenever needed.

Here is the full source and documentation:
NodeJS: https://gitlab.com/wappler-extensions/uuid-nodejs
PHP: https://gitlab.com/wappler-extensions/uuid-php

For NodeJS, you need 1 package - UUID.
But since this is already part of Wappler default packages, no installation is needed.

For PHP, you will have to install 1 package - UUID using Composer .
There are ways to generate UUID without 3rd-party packages, but we found this package to be reliable.

For details on how to integrate custom modules in your Wappler project, please refer the help doc here

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Thank you for another extension Sid.

I use @JonL’s nanoid extensively - how does this compare/differ?

Genuine interest to know the pro’s / con’s of both.

As Jon’s post suggests, his extension is same as UUID, but faster.
This one has a benefit of not needing any additional package.

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Ah ok - got it, thanks Sid.

Please update link to the PHP repo. Thank you!

Thanks, updated.