Using the Publish Manager


The Publish Manager allows you to publish your project - deploy files, database changes and commit to Git in a single step, from the easy to use publishing dialog.

Publish Manager Options

You can find the Publish Manager at the bottom panel of Wappler UI:

Clicking the Publish button will open the Publish Manager dialog:

First, select the target you want to publish your project to:

Then you can choose to delete the files from remote server, that don’t exist on your local target.
Note, that this option is only available for targets, using FTP connection:

You can apply any database changes directly to the selected target. Just select the database connection you want to apply changes to:

If you are using Git, then you can add a version, message and commit to the active Git branch:

You can select which files to commit, just as in the Git Manager:

When using FTP, you can also select which files to upload:

Click the Publish button in order to publish your project to the selected target:

You can see the progress:

And you can find more detailed information about the publishing process in the bottom panel:

That’s how easy it is to use the Publish Manager in Wappler. Please let us know what do you think about a publish workflow like this.


Is this just for Node projects? The fact that there is the possibility of deleting remote files accidently scares me tremendously.

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No, it’s for any project.

Well, you don’t have to enable it :slight_smile: There were quite a few requests about this exact functionality in the community, so we integrated it.

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I think having it in a separate synchronize tool would have been better. Now publishing is going to be more time consuming and stressful.

I have two projects, my main one that has hundreds of uploaded documents and if those get deleted I would likely lose my job. And another that has thousands of historical photos uploaded. Losing those would be devastating.

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This option won’t delete any files, that are located in the “upload” folder defined for your project.
The option is even disabled by default :slight_smile: So you have to really enable it to delete any files that don’t exist locally and are outside of your project uploads folder.

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This makes me feel a little better about it. Thanks. :beers:


This looks to be an excellent feature so thank you Wappler team.

Would it be possible to provide a list of what actually happens when you Publish? I’m keen to know the fine details before I give it a go. For example, is everything copied to the target or is there a comparison which takes place first and only changed/new files are uploaded?


Will see what we can do about that indeed. It is relevant for FTP projects only. In docker everything gets packed and published as one.


GIT? Or Backups?

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I would definitely make sure to have a backup of everything just in case of a bug and for simple peace of mind.

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