Using the Multi Editor Layouts and Undockable Windows in Wappler


Recently, we introduced multi editor layouts in Wappler. You can work more efficiently with side-by-side editors and easily switch between them. You can customize the layouts for various projects and save them for future use. Just drag and drop tabs to create your preferred workspace effortlessly.

In addition to the enhanced multi-editor layouts, we've empowered you to take full control of your workspace. Seamlessly undock your tabs from the main window, transforming them into standalone entities. You can also have multiple editors open at the same time and also on different monitors.

Multi Editor Layouts

You can split your open tabs into multiple editor layouts columns or rows. This can be done by using the layout chooser button:


After you switch your layout, you can drag and drop any of the open tabs inside it:


This way you can have multiple files open side by side.

Moving tabs between the layouts is also easy. Simply drag the tab and drop it where you need it:


Undockable Editors

The undockable editors allow you to detach a tab from the main window and place it wherever you like - even on another monitor. This can be done in two ways - by using the context menu:


or by dragging out any editor out of the main window:


Opening New Files

With the options for multi-editor layouts and undocked windows, you may be wondering in which window the new files will be loaded. The answer is simple - the new files will be loaded into the window which is selected (or in focus) - it doesn't matter if it's in the main Wappler window or an undocked window.
So in the next example, i want to load a new file into the right side of the split layout. I select the right layout so it's in focus and then double click the file i want to open:


This can also be an undocked window:


Please check these new layout features and let us know what do you think.


The screenshots look very polished. Looking forward to trying all this out.


I have to say, this is really awesome at first glance. Look forward to testing it out.

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We’d be very happy to hear your feedback :slight_smile:

So far it’s working a dream on multiple monitors (MacOS M1) :+1:


Cool stuff. Weird that people are not celebrating this like there is no tomorrow given how it can make anyone at least 10% more productive overnight. No surprise though as we have already established that people are slow. J/K of course! They are just retarded.

Anyway, big step in the right direction. Really happy for this steering change as working on the studio app is a huge investment for the future.


To the moon Timmmmmmmmy!

I’m truly thankful for this addition to Wappler, and all the hard-work, time, and effort the Team put in to giving us what we ask for. Can’t wait to try this feature out!



After playing around with it, I think it is great! It may be just a small thing but it can greatly improve productivity by allowing you to customize your workflow, and to take full advantage of multiple windows. I think you have taken the idea and request and found a way to give us what we want and need in a very classy way and still maintain the Wappler look and feel.

A very big thank you.


So much room for activities! Love it!!! :slight_smile:



Now i can build my next setup:


Congrats guys, this is a very productive feature :raised_hands:


Nice work Gentlemen - just setup multiple monitors - timing is everything.

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Very helpful enhancement!

Perhaps the Window names could reflect the file that is open?

Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 7.18.03 AM


Yes we thought about that, the problem is that you may have multiple editors open in the window. Will see if we can use the one that is selected.

I may be the power user that uses a 21.5" single screen :sweat_smile: