Using SFTP to connect to Mac mini to save pages to website but get page error

I have a SFTP connection which connects successfully to a Mac mini and I can download and upload files to the correct Directory/folder but when I hit save in wappler i get the following error and right enough the extensions arent working, How to fix this?

Your page is located outsite a Wappler project definition.

Some of the used extensions might not work properly.

Well it seems like you might have a few small issues here.

Firstly I would look at how you created your new project and what folder that project is in to make sure you are definitely working in the correct directory.
Wappler creates a hidden folder at the root of the folder you choose for your project called .wappler and inside there are all your project and target settings, if it can not find that folder in the project target folder then it will throw this error.

Maybe look at this and the next document from that link, just to make sure.

If you still have the issue then please post a screenshot of you project settings and targets.

The SFTP issue might be related to this

Although by your screenshot i doubt it as it looks like you are on a mac, so it might also just be related to your project settings and targets you have set. As I say a screenshot of what you have entered there would greatly help.

EDIT: Just looking at the console log on your screenshot, and yes certainly a mac, secondly, is this drive you are connecting to a remote drive on another computer?
/Volumes/ Takes you to all your macs hard drives or mounted points.
/Library/ In your case sounds like you have a drive named Library
/Server/ I can only assume you are possibly running Mac OS X Server if I am not mistaken.

Assuming all I have said might be correct thus far, then your core site root folder will be /DRC/ and the only thing i see a little strange there is that if your webserver is case sensitive then you have an instance of DRC and another of drc so you might need to change that to whatever the folder is really called.

Stupid question but - Is your site in a wappler site definition? Or are you just opening some files from a random folder on your hard drive?

I am connecting from a Macpro to a Mac Mini on the same network. I have the mini as my server with wappler on it and it is on the mini in the Sites folder I created my project. I then downloaded Wappler onto my Macpro and tried to connect to my project and created a new target as SFTp as that is what the remote connection for filsesharing on the mini requires.
I connected fine and can download and upload the files but with errors.
Then I noticed in file manager in Wappler that the folder it was using was a local one on my Macpro, do not understand why?
I have deleted this folder and started again and now Wappler connects as a local folder to my mac mini and lists the files but in an odd way.
It starts to list the files in the Site folder successfully and then lists files using the full directory structure for the connection.
So it starts listing files as if you were in the folder and then goes up levels to the main connection folder and lists all folders below that until it gets to the site folder and then lists the files again?
Not sure yet whether or not this will be a problem?
What is the preferred method to link Wappler running on a Mac to a server running on another Mac on the same network?

I would have a local folder on the mac pro called /drc/ on the desktop or in the documents folder, basically wherever you like locally, this folder will be for your local project and all your site assets etc will live in there, at this point it does not even need to know the mac mini exists at all.

Then once you have your project open go and setup a new remote target as though it was connecting to any normal SFTP server like it was out there on the internet.
So Target > Remote > SFTP : username, password, path, url, etc.
On the Mac Mini make sure your SFTP account takes you to the root of your Sites directory I would imagine.

Should work as expected.

Just for informational sakes by the way, if your hard drive is called Library, i have had issues where sometimes applications recognise Library as being one of the core Library folders inside your hard drive root or inside the user home directory, might make things a little confused too.

problem is i’m a little way into this now and cant really go back to the beginning easily. I started using wappler on the mini and created the project and saved it in MacOS server so any wappler files will already be written there.
I dont have a drive called library thats just the start of the file structure on the mac mini.
I dont want to create a new project just pickup the project I have underway on the Mac mini.
on the Macpro in wappler when i chose to find an existing project it asked me to choose where it was and I went through Finder and located the Site directory on my mac mini and Wappler accepted that as a route to the files.
It just lists the structure oddly as mentioned previously.
Can I cleanly pickup the project created on the Mac mini from Wappler running on the Macpro?

You can, I am going to test this as I have very similar equipment, a mac mini and a mac book pro on the same network, will let you know, are you running mac os x mojave client on your mac pro and mac os x mojave server on your mac mini?

no, older machines im afraid, High Sierra on both. Macos server on the mini

Cool, thats fine, it should work the same, I think things might be getting a little confused because it sounds like your local files are in the exact same place as your remote files, so the FTP is actually connecting to the exact same path as your local, is that correct?

yes thats what it looks like

Its just that some of the files are duplicated I can screenshot it for you if that helps?

Maybe then in this case you just do not need the remote ftp target setup at all and just the local one, or i would imagine if the ftp is trying to upload and sync files to the same folder and same path it must be a little confusing. @Teodor can you please confirm this or @George because i know you run a mac too.

ok i will stick with what I have and see how it goes.