Using Redis Caching needs a Tutorial

About the addition of Redis caching service with Docker –
I need lessons to understand this.
The What’s New announcement leaves me with so many questions.

According to the Redis site itself, no matter what platform that Redis caching will be deployed on We first must have our own Account with Redis.

Having a Docker account is not enough.

Also, Redis says Docker is “for development and testing only”.

Are Tutorials available as to the common use of Wappler with Redis caching on different hosting environments?

And how to transfer a tested Docker implementation using Redis to a Ready for Prime Time deployment?

Another question: If we’ve developed with WebSockets to a mysql databse where we filter information with sql queries and run common sql queries to create views or update tables, etc. how does Redis caching work in this flow?

Just a few of the immediate questions . .

Thank you for introducing Redis !

It is all explained in:

The redis service is installed locally on your docker instance so you don’t use any external redis hosting.

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