Using 'layout' as name in children variable breaks UI

Using this config will break the App Connect component tree.

The problem is with the name layout

name: "layout",
              name: "consentModal",
              attributeStartsWith: "dmx-bind",
              attribute: "gui",
              title: "Consent modal",
              type: "boolean",
              display: "fieldset",
              show: [
              noChangeOnHide: false,
              groupEnabler: true,
              children: [
                  name: "layout",
                  attribute: "dmx-bind:gui",
                  objectKey: "layout",
                  title: "Layout",
                  type: "text",
                  dataBindings: true,
                  defaultValue: "'box'",
                  initDisplay: "none"

I believe this is related: When adding second column to the form - all elements disappears in App Structure

Could be related to protected words indeed.

Although the result is not exactly the same.
In this the tree render appears to enter an endless loop instead of making nodes disappear.

Yes you should make your names very unique. So also use your own prefix