Using Framework7 or Electron

I’ve never created a native application using Framework7 or Electron. I have several web applications that are dynamic. It would be great to convert these to desktop and/or mobile applications.

So my question is:

Is it possible to retroactively add Framework7 or Electron to the existing apps, or do I have to initiate the creation of the desktop / mobile app by adding Framework7 or Electron first?

Thank you for your guidance.

You are best off starting new projects with the desired framework. You need to have two projects anyways if you have dynamic content. You can use your current project Server Connects in your new native app project.

Thanks Brad for your help!

I don’t have to tell you that I am a total newbie to this stage of the game of desktop and mobile apps.

So this is what I read in your advice:

My existing dynamic project is really my template for the new project, and all I have to do is start a new project, then add Framework7 or Electron?

After this new project has the frameworks installed, it is just a copy and paste from the existing project to the new Framework7 or Electron project?

You may have to build it from scratch as things will be different design-wise. But you don’t have to recreate all your server actions as you can use the ones from your current project. You only need to recreate the ‘design’.

You will need two projects. One with your design and framework and one with your dynamic content.

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Thanks! I’m doing to give it a try.

Are you using bootstrap for your current app? If so, then I think you can use it for the desktop app (election is just a wrapper around the html/css) or go the PWA direction that’s been mentioned in this forum. I’m on my mobile so, I’m not able to quickly find those posts, but a search should help you find them.

Hey @kfawcett!

Thanks for joining the convo… I appreciate it very much.

Yes, I use Bootstrap with all of my web apps, and they are fully dynamic. I would like to get more acquainted with the native desktop, and mobile type applications. I am very enthused because it appears the process seems to be quite simple. Moving from Dreamweaver to Wappler has made our project production super easy, and very fast.

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