Using bootstrap theme bought from bootstrap marketplace

I am just getting started with Wappler, and tried to integrate one of the BS5 theme( using this tutorial.
Now, when I try to add the sidebar to one of the layout page and create another content page in that layout, the hamburger that is used to collapse the side bar is not working. Instead it just redirects to (/ page). Does Wappler not support external theme? Any extra step do I need to follow? Any help would be a great help to get me started my Wappler journey.

Edit 1: I realised this does work if I remove <script src="/dmxAppConnect/dmxRouting/dmxRouting.js" defer></script> this from the layout page it works, but for that I need to remove <%- await include(content, locals); %> as well. which in tern stops me to add content page.

I see @Teodor do answer a lot of questions. Should I expect an answer sir?

Hi Alex,
Try starting with this guide:

Please don’t remove those unless you like headaches. Depending on what Bootstrap theme purchase and if they use extra JavaScript etc.

But all you need to do is create all your pages from the Wappler layout page and just gutt the html sections from the purchase template.

As for the Wappler layout template gutt the navigations from the purchase template this including, headers, aside, main, footer. Make sure to just keep those in Wappler layout template this way when you build a page from it you only gutt what you need from each of purchase pages for example your index, about etc.